Too many RNG factors

This topic is NOT about honing. Honing rn is not the best but once we get the increased rates it should be fine - game needs some long term goals.

What I really dislike tho is the amount of RNG in almost every major game system.
This would also be fine if we had some kind of bad luck protection.
Just to name a few:

  • Cards: It’s random whether you get uncommon, rare, epic or legendary cards. Even if you get a legendary card you are throwing the dice to get one of the good ones.

  • Gems: This System really sucks. You need so many gems to get a high lvl one and in the end throwing a 50:50 die to decide whether you get dmg or cooldown reduction. Again, this isn’t the main issue but there is another layer of rng of getting the right skill.
    The cost of changing the skill is absurd… More than 100k silver for a reroll which isn’t guaranteed or anything, essentially 1000g for each try.

  • Accessoires: Getting the correct stats is one part of the RNG and getting good Engravings is the other part. I don’t think I need to say more here. There is only 3 desirable stats.

  • Engravings: Most of them are so useless - I don’t know why they are kept in the game. This issue applies to accessoires too. They add so many useless ones so the odds to get good ones is lower. Getting a legendary Engraving book and then realizing it’s only worth 1g is one of the worst things.

  • Ability Stones faceting

There is a lot more things (Isle of Yearning anyone?) but I don’t want to list them all.
On their own you can live with these systems but the sheer number of multi layered RNG is just awful.

Solutions to these problems could be:

  • Rework/Remove unused Engravings and stats.
  • Add some bad luck protection, e.g for gems: You can’t get the same skill you rerolled again.
  • Content with Card picks is coming so this one is just a matter of time

I know a lot of people defend everything in the forum but these systems don’t have to be this awful. Just to be clear: I’m not asking to remove all RNG systems in the game or make it too easy.

For gems you just sell the gem you don’t need, and buy the one you do need with the gold. Cards are a long term thing, stop worrying about it. If everything had good engravings on it nothing would be valuable. It would be 1000x harder to make any gold. Then the forums would really blow up if that happened.

If you’re having problems getting gems I suggest getting characters to t3, and just run boss rush when you get it, then send the gems to your main. Can fuse them on main and get gems for that class.