Too much stronghold energy

i always try to do the 4, 8 and 12 hours expeditions (in this order) and sometimes an guardian raid. and still i have too much energy. sometimes i craft potions or fusion material, but they dont cost anyway much energy. my energy is always almost full. what do you do with your energy?

and its not like i dont use my energy. my stronghold is lv 49 (without that i ever used any items, which give me energy or reduce the time for something). ps: i only have 4 ships for the strongold

Craft the cheapest possible structures with your excess energy. It’s good XP for your stronghold.


Level 60 stronghold…i am literally always out of energy.


are there some items which are maybe useful? for example for achievements? i already got the maze items for the achievement. thats the only items i know for Achievements.

you can keep crafting waterwheels or awnings. it gives good stronghold exp and not much cost.


I’m not clued-in on the achievements. I personally craft Urr’s Tree Benches and delete them afterwards. as I’m capped on how many I can have.

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same need more always!

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Research is like 6k, crafting is 1900 per slot x 3, dispatches are 2k-6k x3, i wish i had excess stronghold energy :sob:

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Dyorika Waterwheels are also good energy spenders, they cost Silver to craft. Most structures cost Gold to craft but there’s a few that cost Silver to look out for if you don’t have the pattern already.

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Deploy guardian raids on your lowest ilvl alts if you’re not playing them every day.

5 dispatch missions at once and the energy is gone.

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Lvl 58, same

2 guardian dispatch 6000, 3 regular dispatch 9000,fusion mats and map crafting for rest

Craft more then. I’m always out of energy with a lvl 54 and all researches done.

It’s not the efficient choice (because it costs more energy) but you can burn your excess energy through harvesting goods in the stronghold if you have farm.

How are you guys stronghold 60…lmao I’ve played since early access and only 48…that’s insane.

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I didn’t start using Stronghold until early April and I am already lvl 50.

Remote desktop to refresh crafting every couple hours.

Before sleep, set up the ones that cost most time to craft (exp also scales up) so you are not sitting idle on any given time.

Stronghold is really slept on, it is free 3k gold per day, and for those who wants judgement and conviction, constantly send out adventure dispatches.

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Crafting! I think it was around 40ish when the research exp gain drop tremendously because we no longer get as much. You’ll need to craft and dispatch your way up at this point. :slightly_smiling_face: