Took a break, not valtan ready

i took a break from this game for 1 week and now i’m not valtan ready because i was 1410 last week. how dare ags release valtan before i can do it i demand a refund of $0.

Why people care so much about this “Valtan”?

If the newest content is unreachable by some players many of them will just stop playing

You’re right, if you absolutely have to pay to enjoy the most recent contents.

But is that the case for Lost Ark?

i took a break for 2 months, barely played for 30 hours, i’m not even t3, therefor imo they should not release valtan and even remove argos from the game and all the t3 content cause it is unfair that i can’t do these things

Kinda weird take… but doesnt everyone have to pay for the newest content in all mmos? They are called expansions. So at least we dont have to pay for the expansion on top of grinding the game :slight_smile: