Took me 1 month from 1400 to 1445 (Updated with Current progression)

By following my reddit posts it took me 1 month from 1400 to 1445 and 18 days from 1415 to 1445. I want to highlight that I’m not casual and I bought Ark pass + Bronze pack as you can see below.

Something uncommon things that I did to reach this point was:

  • Unlock 3 lines of pvp vendor as fast as I can
  • Never sold any GLP/stones after 1370 (regardless main or alt)
  • Not invest in an army of alts
  • Do excavation every week for extra solar mats
  • Collectibles/Rapport for extra gold
  • Buy GHL from Mari Shop when I was close to reach a break point (1400, 1415, 1445…)
  • I skip full armor Argos set (I’m wearing 4-pieces from Oreha/2 from argos for crit bonus). That way I was dismantling and getting GHL’s right from week two.


How many Leap Stones?

  • Roughly 1500 from 1415-1445. I didn’t track them all. It took me 640 GHL from 1422 to 1432 and 550 more from 1432 to 1445.

How many Fails?

  • -388. Please, keep in mind that I haven’t 8 alts like you. The more alts you have, more fails you get overtime.
  • Here is another guy who did the same as me (1400 from 1445) with 400~ fails.
  • Here is another guy who spent less mats than me (1300 GHL from 1415 → 1445).

Why no alts?

  • My main issue with this is that I simply not enjoy playing an army of 6 characters right now. It’s feels like a job and I still have a tooon of collectible stuff to do before starting working 3h on my alts every day.
  • My plan about alts it’s take advantage from Feiton/Punika power passes that we will get this year (I would say that we will get 3-4 more at least) and make alts that I think I would enjoy. If I’m see that I don’t enjoy the class I will drop it and look forward.

How you get so much gold? You need 54.064.099! It’s impossible!

  • 30.000 gold from masterpieces
  • Rapport (detailed below) = 19.300 gold
  • Adventure Islands (1.2k/per x5 weeks) = 6.000 gold

Total raw amount: 55.300 gold. Without any drop, una’s weekly chests, abyss, lifeskills or anything else in a month.

Also, I didn’t buy anything expensive from the Market and I was picky with my gold since 1370. Weekly honing (tap I mean) at my ilvl is like 8~10k. You can get 10k just from 3 weekly una’s chests and Abyss/Argos.

Rapport detailed:

  • Elia Nahun: 100g
  • Thirain: 700g
  • Yom, squirrel: 800g
  • Hariya: 1100g
  • Nia: 1400g
  • Shana: 2700g
  • Sapiano, the fox: 1000g
  • Nagi: 2200g
  • Albion: 800g
  • Berver: 800g
  • Jederico: 1800g
  • Lutia: 3600g
  • Nabi: 600g
  • Levi: 800g
  • Nineveh: 900g

= 19.300 gold

PD: Keep in mind this if you’re a new player some of these rewards were changed due bots issues. However, dont worry! there are more NPC’s that give you gold!. I listed only ones what I did.

Why you have trash stats?

  • Honestly, 1 month and half ago I had no idea about stats and engravings of my class and I went to this mix up for testing purposes since I was full spec/crit since release. Weeks after I discovered that you can do a proper test in Trixion. Leason learned I guess :sweat_smile:.

Are you casual?

  • No, I spent around 800 hours.

Are you F2P?

  • No, as I said before I bought the Ark Pass and Bronze Pack.

Did you RMT?

  • No, and you can also ask this question to yourself: Why I spent 1month trying to be 1445 when I could be 1445 in a week or less? Do you really think that someone who did RMT can’t be 1445 in a week? Really? Stop 5 seconds and think about it it lol.
  • Be free to check my post history or my current progression as well. You will see how I progress naturally through the weeks instead of getting a quick power spike like any rmter.

In regards to leapstones, this video summarize all ways obtainables very well (I’m not him):

PROGRESSION: 11/06/22 (roughly 25~ days after 1445)

I spent my last 20 days trying to build my set up of gems and trying to get 1460 as well. I taken the advantage of the Valtan announcement update and sold all mats during the hype train. GHL’s were almost 100g/per stone before Valtan Update.

After I bought/reroll all gems, I started focusing on honing again and now I’m currently 3 pieces away from 1475. If 1415 to 1445 was a breeze…1445 to 1475 it’s starting to be a pain. For example; my weapon from 18 to 19 succed at 75%~ artistan energy lol.

Because of that, I will skip lvl 20 weapon for now and I will get 1475 by raising all armor to +19. It’s so much cheaper.

I also still missing my relic weapon from Valtan Hard because of a DC. I have been locked by the whole week on both gates and AGS support didn’t help me in any way. They said that it was my fault for getting a DC lol. IDK, I will get my weapon in the upcoming week before Vyakass so it’s “ok”.

TLDR; My current plan is finishing honing at 1475, starting cutting stones to hopefully get 7/7 relic and finally drop my tier2 stone kek. I will do an update when I can.

In regards to roster progression; I used the power express ticket and power pass on Destroyer but didn’t like it so I ended by deleting him lmao. My current roster is:


This week I finished all milestones that I settled in the last week. The gold from masterpieces helped a lot. All 3-armor pieces succed with around 30%~50% artisan energy. I haven’t much more to say; now I will generate way more gold cause to skipping honing and my next milestone will be getting a full relic jewelry set-up.


Today I half completed the build. The full jewelry cost me around 80k gold (EUC).

To “full” complete the build I need to switch one of my earrings from swift to spec and finish the last engraving (it’s about 100k gold right now). I wearing swift earring because I found an 4/3 and 80 quality for 500g. Pretty cheap IMO.

I had some sales that helped me to reach this point quicker but it’s nothing really crazy.


Did u get 500 fails?

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Cool :+1:

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IMO fails aren’t tight directly to “how many luck I have” because it’s really difficult to see anybody of my ilvl without an army of alts. So you can’t compare a roster with two characters vs another roster with 7+ characters.

Regards to leapstones I would say that I spent like 1400-1500? (from 1415-1445) Slighty below the average.

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Nice bro! I invested in all my alts and I kinda panicked the closer Valtan got but I ended up hitting 1445 couple of days ago.

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gratz do you have a group? or you’re alone like me? :rofl:

Sounds like something that someone really lucky would say.

You can talk about everything you’ve done, but there’s a very high chance that I’ve invested more into my characters with my main at 1394 than you have with a 1445 character.


You were extremely lucky if you did 1400 to 1445 with only 1400 to 1500 leapstones.

On an average scenario, it would take 1600+ to do that range sending full enhancers, but I doubt you sent thousands of greens and blues.

119 roster level with only 2 alts that’s just insane. Gratz :+1:

Max luck there :smiley: Have 3 alts and in over 3 weeks did 1410->1414 so far, every single reached pity except a few at 95% of pity meter and 1 today in few taps :joy:

Grats my boi.

So just because I spent 200 stones less “im extremly lucky”? lmao

Thanks you!

Well played, looks like you took and maximized your time and played efficiently. Grats on 1445

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You didn’t read the full post. That 1600 is if you sent 2400 green enhancers, 1200 blue enhancers, and 400 purple enhancers.

I doubt you had that many. The more likely scenario is you spent that many to do what would have likely taken 2100sh.

You’re saying that I went “extremely lucky” by 28 days in 400+ tries

This was my honing last week



Is this “extremly lucky” for you?

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All your screenshots are meaningless.

You can pull up a maxroll calculator yourself and see how many mats 1400 to 1445 takes.

If you did that in 1400 to 1500 leapstones, you were extremely lucky. It takes 2600+ with no enhancers, and 1600 is assuming thousands of enhancers (assuming average luck.)

Maybe you are just misremembering how much you spent?

I’d say that’s still fairly nicely done.

Grats tho.

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Honestly, I didn’t track all my mats from 1400 to 1445. I spent 530 stones from 1432 to 1445 and 653 from the second week (1422-1432). Maybe it was more than I thought.

Sounds about right, it took me exactly 1 month and im 1425 right now. I’d imagine 10-15 more days and 1445 would be somewhere close to where i am.