Tooki Corporation quest chain

The quest in the second day of the Tooki Corporation Island chain named Tooki Tooki Discovery is not showing up on the map properly.

It says the quest is here, however…

when you enter the area

Nothing appears, and no indicators on where to go.
I may have left in the middle of this quest chain to do something since this was on an alt. I have no idea where to go, and there are no online resources to help me. I am ultimately stuck on this quest until I get proper instructions on where to go.

Go to the top deck (through the middle stairs in the 2nd pic), there should be indicator on map. Unless it is just bugged.

K buddy, was stuck like you, just go back to where you opened the box (behind the general merchant in the main deck) and you will find the guy and proceed with the quest :wink:

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Can you describe which floor is the main deck


I’ve been stuck here for days

Behind the guy who runs the game for the Island Soul.

Ok so the only help I found is this post right here but I still cant find tooka >_>
I was literally checking every spot now behind the “Game Voucher Merchant”
Pls Help idk how but pls help :3
Ive been stuck with that quest for atleast a week now :clock3: :clock330:

There’s a hidden door behind that NPC, just walk at the wall.

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