Tooki Island hours

Many thanks!

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I’m not sure what your local time zone is, but generally speaking having a 40 hour a week job and a family you care about is not conducive to efficiently grinding korean MMOs.

Source: 8k hours (lifetime) on BDO, 0 hours (last two weeks) since starting a new 40+ job.

EDIT: For clarity, i’ve never been to Tooki island and have no idea what all the fuss is about, I’m GS 822.

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not helping but thanks for sharing

Oh I’m sorry let me rephrase it:
Get over it. The schedule is there, if you care find time. If you don’t, don’t. It’s pretty simple. Is being efficient in Lost Ark more important than work? Quit. Is work more important that Tooki? Don’t do Tooki.

The schedule is more than fair, events are multiple times a day, nothing is 1/week like other games. Stop being a snowflake.

That more helpful?

Not at all. Just do not reply anymore, please.
Be safe and take care.

Seriously… all islands need to just occur on hourly basis. This game is extremely casual unfriendly as it tries to dictate what time you play this game.

wrong. the token is a random drop from Tooki King - reputation reward is a Giants Heart.

Other than that, I agree with the OP - some Islands have stupid times - especially since servers use CET and some countries like mine CEST. Will they adjust spawn times… probably not :slight_smile:

This post is silly.
You’re silly.
You are legitimately asking that the scheduled times of an in game event be changed because you’re at work when they happen. You have two days of the week off in which you can pick any of the listed times to go do it, and you’re upset that you can’t do it on days that you work.
Entitled prick.
“Excuse me, could you reschedule the football game? I’m at work when you’re scheduled to play.”
“Excuse me, could you reschedule the early morning bus? It runs 10 minutes before I wake up for work and the mid morning bus is always so crowded.”
Get over yourself, if you want to play the game find time to play the game, simple. I’m in the same boat as you, working a 40+ hour workweek and trying to find time to play the game, I’m just not entitled like you are.

Isn’t Tooki every 2 hours? I work 40 hour works and can get tooki done easily, my only problem is Harmony island. I live in Australia and Harmony island Isn’t available until like 4am on a monday morning… Which i think is ridiculous considering Song Of Harmony is used with a lot of Rapport characters

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Explanation: the game wasn’t developed around your schedule.

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