Tooki Island - No Contribution or Rewards

Just did the event for the first time and couldn’t get any contribution even in a party, there is just too many players spamming and no way to switch channels or go to an emptier phase.

Loads of other people were complaining about the same thing and not getting any reward due to no contribution even though they did damage and were there.

Needs to be looked into. Just way too many players all in same area.

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Contribution rewards are very small so there is no reason to worry about them. Like getting 200 instead of 400 silver changes nothing.
You still get rewards for completing island event even with a minimum contribution.

Yeah you are not understanding, loads of people including myself are getting NO REWARD or ANY contribution because there is too many players. Even if we join a party and do damage etc.

I have been having the same issue.

I did my third tooki and got zero contribution in a row. I will start to aim for a second instance or something. The soul is hard enough as it is