Topic can be deleted (OP missed critical information)

(Removed by author because of information that I have missed that countered the surroundings of my argument)

Title should be: “Let’s be pessimistic:”.

Prior to yesterday’s announcement the update was scheduled for June 16th, as it was the end of the chicken event and the monthly login, unfortunately it had to be delayed for reasons that we will never know unless they disclose them. Now they have specifically said the June update will go live on the 30th, what else do we want? There is nothing stopping them from doing this 8-hour backbone maintenance next week while also implementing the patch right afterwards.

The title could be that :slight_smile: Yes, I do think that outcome is possible as well.

I missed this information. Is it in the forums? Disclosed in a stream?


Ah I see, my conspiracy theory has failed :smiley:

June 30th.

Already stated.