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i mean, it’s not technically against TOS, you’re actively playing… in a way lol.

Na that is alright, no behaviour here which is against ToS


it doesnt stop people from assuming your a bot tho. and they still falsey report you and have to go threw appeal bullshit

*busy chasing multi-boxing bots and reporting them"

what? what did you say? :rofl:

sounds like the players in guardian raid on my alt, I’ll have to tell them to stop watching kdramas on netflix

Naruni Island, right? I know it’s Naruni.

Unattended gameplay is generally anything that does the inputs for you. Should be fine since you’re actually pushing the buttons yourself.

Work smarter not harder :grinning:

If you really wanna do that just go to your stronghold and do it, there wont be anyone there to report you.

It’s not illegal…
I don’t know why people here are like ehhh maybe don’t do it here and there…

As long as you don’t use software to mimick your keypresses/clicks then It’s fine.
If you a human being is actually clicking/presses a key then It’s fine.

Thanks everyone! I was just curious because I was watching a movie on my bed then looked at my screen and thought, wow I look like a bot :sweat_smile:

I see a lot of people getting banned falsely so I’m just worried.

From what iv seen, anti afk macro people are looking at being hit with 24h-3d suspensions so