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Amsterdam is not a country,

Big hugs to the rest of The Netherlands.

No but alot of european servers are based in amsterdam



And for many other people; they will have better pings with the new location.


You are aware that Amazon does not have data centers there and Amsterdam is not an option for Lost Ark as Lost Ark is not allowed to be published in the Netherlands?


data centers as in free or at all?

I tried EU West and it said I had 31ms but it felt like 200ms.

It would make more sense for West servers to be more aimed at portugal-spain-france and such.

Asked in my EU West chat - some had higher ping, some had lower ping, no one has any problems with the ping affecting their gameplay compared to EU Central.

Posts like this are basically useless if you do not tell us the numbers. “Double latency” could mean anything from 20-4975987459. Everything between 20-around 80 is normal.

My latency from central Czech Republic: EU-Cet = 27 ms; Eu-We = 52 ms.

It’s double the size and it would be better somewhere in mainland, tho I have been playing an alt in EU-West and haven’t really noticed a difference.

I expected Amsterdam (usually 5-8ms) but it’s UK. I have 30-35ms. EUC had lower (15-20ms). As an EUW citizen it’s odd to have a higher ping.

Also the server time is strange. Anyone knows how to set time to local time instead of UTC? I’m on UTC+1.

They probably can’t use AMS servers as the game is illegal in The Netherlands due to gambling?

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