TOS question: Is it allowed to have characters on different servers within same region and Steam account to funnel gold into one character?

Obvious bs. 1x rmt of a large amount can instantly get you a “cheating” ban and you can get it days or months later as a retroactive ban.

Well keep believing that then. This is sure right!

Like bussing?>

Bussing is neither feeding yourself or circumventing the character weekly content entry restrictions.

kinda is. but i get your point.

What if you bussed your friend from another server and then they bussed you from another server but you paid each other on the main server?

That’s fine. It’s from one player to another player. You can even have your “friends” give you all their gold.

so if i gave friend gold from another server and they transferred that gold and gave it to me minus fees is that ok? There so much grey area here. They should make it ok or not.

:rofl: Yes, if you did not give them the gold expressly to transfer back to you on a different server.

Yes, there’s a ton of gray area. The overall message is: 1 account per player and do not transfer gold between servers to yourself.

But if its through a friend its ok?

:person_shrugging: If your friend is generous, that’s fine.

More and more confused everyday with these rules but not rules but you could be banned but not banned.

If I’m not mistaken it was Shadowfox who said using the AH that way wasn’t the original intended function hence it was bannable. Is it against ToS? No but they can ban you for basically finding a “loophole”

I did this accidentally and it didn’t do as you stated.

Gold was returned to the correct server\roster. At least this was the case as of around a week ago. Might have been different before.