Tower is utter garbage content

Boring tiediouss irritating depressive are the words and feelings I get on most floors is this honestly what you turn a game on to feel … I bite my tongue and go on first tower was bad enough but now in the 40s on second tower and I just cba with this garbage content … If I’m not having fun then why am I playing it, because other stuff is great obviously!! But this is just bad choices, ya characters move like a fucking snail at best well mine does which don’t help and content like this should be about skill and not god dam luck. Yes most rooms are just skill and fun but some a these floors just have you wondering why your even playing this game or hating the game… ya shouldnt create content that is just gonna wind folk up … seriously some these floors who ever made them never tested them


Did both towers twice (main & alt) and honestly, my opinion is opposite from yours.
It provides a decent challenge & rewards while being relatively hard so you actually feel like a winner once you beat it.


True to a point …there is that thank god feeling when u get through it but I still just think some floors they went a bit too far with…it actually feels like they ran outta ideas tbh on tier two tower cus it just seems be many survive rounds that bore me


Try looking at your stats & skillset. Some floors require you to pay attention to the environment and move all the time. I really like it because these skills will help you a lot once you get to higher-tier content.

It simply isn’t “run & click m2”. It provides a challenge as I’ve mentioned before. If you’re stuck at a specific floor for a long time there’s a huge chance you’re simply doing something wrong. For example, your character does not have any movement skills or you’re not paying attention to the mechanics.

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It also depends on what class and set up I get that Im on a squishy shadow hunter … it’s only the survive rounds that bore me irritate me etc it’s my first play through now on level 45 second tower I just don’t personally think there that much fun but the rewards are needed

Have you actually tried setting things up or using proper battle items for the tower though?
Few things that can be done

  1. Using swiftness gears for survival stages along with custom skill settings to maximize mobility skills. Shadowhunter actually has 4 incredibly useful mobility skills with tripods.
  2. Using battle items like swiftness robes and timestop potions

I don’t agree with entitled attitude either. You do not NEED the rewards. You want them.
Towers, from the initial design, was supposed to be one of the most challenging content. I’m sure some won’t enjoy them but some people will. Not everything in the game has to be cookiecutter.

On the other hand, only legitimate complaint about Towers should be from support classes (same with boss rush) because they simply lack the damage required to clear them at just ilvl.


The thing with the towers is at the higher levels in them you need to play them like challenging endgame content – that is, you need to adjust your skill build around them, use battle items like you would in a raid and so on. I think people are trying to clear them like chaos dungeons without using anything or changing anything and that doesn’t work well past a certain point, at least in certain challenging floors.


Have you not watched a paladin on YouTube go through both towers lol it makes it look easy asf … gigachad has no issues there maybe bard needs some support … and it ain’t really challenging as any dps floors die quite easy I just find the survive rounds extremely boring

Ok mate I’ll try set up another skill setting try improve my pace etc

I do agree with you. There are some challenges in the Tower that’s utter garbage, and some of the rewards aren’t very incentivizing.

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Tower teaches you how to be a good player.


I did it with my shadowhunter, moving around a lot and finding the pattern is the key. I do somewhat agree some of the floors are more pain in the ass and over the top CC than actual fun. However, i like some of them due to it provide challenge like floor 50. The boss actually made me had some fun. However, they are passable not impossible

Totally agree, I absolutely love the tower and feel the exact opposite as OP as well.


Some classes don’t have movement skills. Pots are stupid. The tower is absolute trash, bottom of the barrel content. It’s either brain dead, some stupid “trick” that will never come up in normal gameplay, or simply abusive. Doesn’t train you to do anything other than beat that floor. Yet another system intertwined with 5 other systems to force you to do content you don’t enjoy.


sadly, tower in this game is worse than wow’s choreghast so I did both of them when I was already way above their requirement levels so it wasn’t as annoying


Yeah tower is cancer. Especially doing it on an alt. I already did it once, why do I have to go trough every single floor to get the mats on my alt?


Tower is the best way to learn your class, change my mind.

If you’re a DPS and not a bard stop crying


yeah I learnt a lot trying to dodge signatus rockets and getting punched around by the knockback monsters


I only learned how to run away from bomb mobs in the dark and the attack patterns of bosses that I will never see outside of the tower.


Its like 3-4 floors in each tower man

I know some floors are dogshit but we don’t need to ask for more nerfs

Edit: I’m speaking more of the first one and half of the second, I’m not far in the second cuz I’m a bard lul