Tower is utter garbage content

I’m not asking for nerfs but imo it’s trash content. It’s not that challenging, it just forces you to use battle items and it’s actually pretty easy with battle items so instead of doing it on equal gs and bothering my head with a different battle item on every floor, I did both towers while I was severely overgeared. I’d suggest everyone the same thing

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I like the tower. I hate the “Survive” levels and it gets a little tedious on alts but It’s not bad content.


It doesn’t force you to use any potions, the only level you could even say that about is 46 or 47 cant remember in the t1 tower where you are perma silenced and you either have to use grenades or a panacea + awakening. You are saying its not challenging because you refused to do it when level appropriate and are now overgeared, idk how you can type that at not feel like an idiot lmao. Supports I totally understand doing that on, but tower is a good way to get comfortable with your class and as someone who has done t1 tower 6x, t2 3x with another 3 in the 40’s I enjoy it and am glad its there to test myself

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I didn’t do the entirety of it while overleveled, but the part I did when my ilvl was on par with the difficulty was extremely easy with battle items as you’re simply forced to bring them to specific floors. I just didn’t wanna waste more of them on such a thing

Imma keep it a buck the tower is ZzzZzz content love the rewards but mobs spawn way to slow I’m sitting on floors for like 30secs just wait for something to beat up I hate fighting 1 mob at a time shits a snooze fest.

The Named mob/boss floor are almost always 1 shot able with awaking too so like Idk man outside of the survival floors nothing really gets the blood pumping and even then if you play something that stacks swiftness like say my main a wardancer I can pretty much just run around like an ape and never get hit.

All that being said its there you only do it once so w/e its a thing to do when you run out of shit to do.

How can you whine about a one time thing that is also optional ?

You want the reward but not the challenge behind it, if you are bored in the first tower, don’t forget thats it’s just an intruduction for the second one that is way harder if you are min ILVL.

Mad because it make you use consumables ? That’s a good thing for the economy, are you guys the same kind of dudes that doesn’t want to use pot in guardian raid because you are keeping them for the ’ real content ’ ?

If you are bored because you outlevel the shit out of it, just do them min ILVL.

Tower is just another choreghast. Yes some of the gimmicks require you to examine them and rerun them once or twice to execute properly – oh wow, that must mean I’m skilled or something, right? Basic pattern recognition like dance dance revolution? Lol.

It’s a one and done deal, that’s the best thing about the tower.

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Don’t mind the tower overall. I do think floor 48 on the first tower is straight BS though. That’s the one where you’re forced to use a battle item or you can do literally nothing. It’s a really easy floor if you have an item, but impossible if you don’t and it’s just annoying if you’re rushing through the tower on an alt and didn’t plan 48 floors ahead.

I’m a Bard…and I can say, without a doubt, it’s hands down the most frustrating, least rewarding experience in my gaming history.


Im more than sure you did the tower with much greater GS than suggested. I have 2 T3 and 3 T2 alts and the tower is tedious at top levels.

some floors can be annoying, but it’s a GREAT source of honing mats to progress your alt.

Depends on the class. For example, I was able to easily beat most of Fatespire levels because of push immunity (z) on my Gunlancer, but 45 was quite painful (not enough damage & range).

Gunslinger was the easiest IMO.

And unfortunately, my ilvl was ± the same as the required level because of the honing mats provided as a reward. It does not make much sense to go for t2 mat rewards if you’re in T3 already.

Edit: Fatespire, not Shadespire.

The only challenging parts of the spire I found was Shadespire 40-ish something, you have to beat 3 bosses and the 3rd one is the spider lady who can end up freezing you with her clones, wasn’t that bad.

The other was Fatespire floor 50 which can be hard if you don’t have enough burst during her final few healthbars where she goes berserk and attacks non-stop (still not sure about how to avoid the aoe during the fog on this one, I think both the close range aoe and large donut aoe have the same animation of here raising her sword)

Even if you are T3 on your main or alt, you should do the tower anyway to get the skill point.

you said it yourself. “if im not having fun then why am i playing it” stop playing if u dont like it sheesh lost ark isnt the only game out there.

Actually I would like if there was even more of a “extra-challange” mode tower that gave out things like vanity items/titles/achievements that was more difficult in testing your game knowledge and skills.

I’m sure some people would even like an endless-tower mode with just a leaderboard of who gets the highest.

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Tower is the only challenging content in the game.

Some levels are bs, some are frustrating, but that’s a part of difficult challenges. Everything else is easy in comparison.

Obviously it’s challenging if you complete it if you’re still at T2.

But as a Paladin, I definitely agree it’s unfair for some classes considering how difficult it is to dish consistent damage and not leave yourself exposed.

I think they did address that in KR/RU by giving support classes paladin/bard a dmg buff in the tower

Tower is the only challenging content right now… Is hard and fun imo

Towers are fine until you get to floor 50 on t2 tower. Don’t try it with Paladin or pull your hair out! There’s just not enough dmg.