Toxic Matchmaking Impatient players

Lately I’ve had multiple terrible experience in guardian raids.

3 min Deskaluda with everyone on full hp and no need for pots. The 1487 dps made a comment and complain at the end that my bard did not use damage buff. Another guy commented bard going for mvp. I did finish with 75% healing mvp but what is their problem? I wouldn’t get this much healing if they didn’t take damage. I would assume keeping people alive and saving pots is more important than saving 20-30 seconds of their time to kill Deskaluda faster. As a bard most of my parties take a lot of damage so I always prioritize healing over damage buff. The one time I get a strong party they complain about not getting damage buff while still taking a lot of damage from the boss. You can’t win…

Another dungeon on Kungelanium, a party member forgot phero but used a flare instead to make up for it (we only lost 10 seconds running). Yet someone wants to quit the fight more than half way through. Then complains and call names after we killed the boss.

The game is designed for people to have alts and it seems like people get irate because everyone tries to power their way through dailies. It promotes bad behavior from players. I just really hope the report player system works fine and these people actually get some sort of warning for their toxic behavior. The last few weeks my guild lost players who quit the game because of toxicity.


toxic support going for mvp instead of providing buffs

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so you want the bard to use 1 of the bubbles to provide a small dmg buff instead of healing the party?

Is this really game feedback? You have a negative experience and what do you expect any of us or the devs to do about it? If it’s against ToS report them, if not, grow up and move on.

I think for guardian raids you shouldn’t be healing, just concentrate on damage buff only. It’s a daily, these people do it everyday, should know the patterns and be able to avoid the attacks. Also have 3 res, doesn’t really matter if they die.

Heya @tinori, I’m sorry you’ve had some bad luck in Guardian raids. We appreciate the feedback about your experience and I hope you did report these players for their toxic behavior.

How do you think we could combat the toxicity and help boost a more positive play experience?

Alright thanks for the constructive feedback. I just thought when I go to raids as dps, I prefer healing over dmg buff myself.

Yeah i get what you mean, yohos would be nice for some heals but deskas way too easy and should die 2-3 min.

All in all play how you want, don’t mind what people say. Enjoy the game!

I think the culture is really important, we can compare to Korea where people are more mannered. This many months into the game I still don’t know all the hidden rules of raiding and things you need to do. A lot of new players like myself do things solo and I’ve only recently joined an active guild.

There are vet players on the server who played in korea or RU before. The problem is they expect new players to know all the rules and set high expectations. They get angry and toxic when these expectations are not met. I did report the players who were toxic but I could not block them because they from anther server.

My hope is for the GM and devs to do more to help improve the game culture and player behavior. At least I’m hoping our player reports don’t go to waste. I know there is toxic players in every MMO but it seems people are upset in this game because they loose 20-30 seconds. I’m just frustrated because I’ve seen people quit because of this and I feel that one day I will also quit because of toxicity in the game.

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Deskaluda is one of the easiest guardians to dodge attacks. It has predictable attack patterns with clear windup. Honestly if dps players are taking so much damage that it’s giving support MVP with 65% healing, they have much bigger problems to worry about than the support not giving damage buffs.

I’ve had runs on ice turtle where the dps players take so little damage that I’m on the mvp screen for stagger…as a paladin.

What i don’t understand is why you need to heal so much in deskaluda?

You have shields with wind of music and rhapsody as well as mitigation with guardian tune. Regardless of whether your team mates get hit, you can mitigate a ton with those tools. Youre still gonna have a very special specimen every now and then who manages to be on low health or dies, but one person still isnt worth healing for. They got pots or they can die and ress. I have a full main roster of 6 bards and whenever i play my lower dps alts, i literally wanna pull my hair when i see a bard spamming heals whenever our hp drops ever so slightly. Learn to use your awakening properly as well as your shield/mitigation tools and youll have to heal less overall and at least on deskaluda you wont need to heal at all. Deskaluda will heal you all by herself if you destroy her weakpoint.

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Ppl just bored of the game, at this point it is just addiction and daily chores need to be completed. The main reason of this toxicity.

I don’t heal people at all in Deskaluda.
It is their fault if they take damage or die. The attacks are easily dodgeable. It’s the bird’s job to heal my teammates. Usually it’s only 1 person taking all the damage too. Only time I would heal at Deskaluda is when our DPS is filled with awful players.

Outside of easy content like Deskaluda, a good bard knows how to utilitze her bar depending on the situation, so if you are only spamming heal heal heal you’re not a good bard at all.

Reputational system ingame, where you can Rate players behavior

I wouldn’t take this serious. Let people write and stay happy. Some people just need to blame others for no reason.

misses the part where he got mvp for healing…

as a bard main i get annoyed when people don’t use pots, even a green pot is better than nothing as i personally like to build my bubbles to 3 and save it for damage buff parts especially when yoho gets countered or sits down at that one part where she’s glowing

i really hate having to use my heals to mitigate all the useless damage they take like standing in their fire and not moving, not dodging the orb bombs so at this point i just let people die because i’d rather dps faster and get out of there instead of mindlessly healing

i heal if it’s actually necessary and find that the player wasn’t just being ignorant to mechanics, like we all know, supports aren’t a traditional mmo healer in this game

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plays support character

refuses to support in the way that he can

okay why not just be dps then

Im saying OP is not a good bard.
Getting MVP for healing as a bard doesn’t mean you are good.

he didn’t say he was a good bard…

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