Toxic Players in T1 Guardians is normal?

Hi, today i encountered a player in Lumerus crying because i’m learning to use GL and can’t taunt 24/7 the boss, and one of them canceled the run with 1.4% HP (very smart guy) because i couldn’t taunt the boss when he wanted.

Is very sad that exists people like this, we were 3 because one of them was disconnected, we had 3 revive charges yet.

Please, if you want fast runs, make a party with 1340 ilvl players and don’t cry in a random group T1 guardian, where people is learning about the game and classes.

Someone had cryers in low ilvl T1?


People are dicks in any game, and in real life.

Is this your first MMO? Toxic people are the norm usually

I would guess you encountered someone doing bonus damage to rear and they need boss to not move to get their MVP.

If they are worried of not getting MVP then better just cancel the run.

Seems normal for people to come for first 3 guardians with very high ilvl and biggest reason they are there is to get MVP.
(they might also have been stopped by that Vestus bastard).

They’re probably in T1 because they’re toxic. Blaming others when something goes wrong and not trying to improve themselves.

They have to kill those Guardians in order to do the higher tier ones, but they’ll outgear them eventually.

In every game ever. It wont be your last encounter.

Haha so so many times. I had some guy lose it on me for blowing the mechanic in tytalos (first try). I learned the mechanic and was like whatever I’ll get it next time. Matched with this same dude the next matchmaking round. He asked if it was anyones’ first time and the other two people said it was theirs. He went off about how screwed we were. He died first. Then he died again. We still cleared.

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Yeah i know toxic players are in all games (f2p more of them), but cry in T1 is ridiculous. I can understand (a bit) if we wiped, but stop the run because one guy don’t want evade attacks and another accept because is the first he thinks lol.

I suggest can’t stop runs if you have revive tries or time is higher than 10 minutes, because the boss is killable, is different if we haven’t revive tries and there is 1 o 2 alive.


P.D: Yeah, maybe i have to find some friendly guild and practise with them.