Toxic rank chat


every game i play in rank mode (3v3) there is someone insult, trash talk and haras people.
It’s not only me every time, but it’s always someone.

This thing tilt me so hard, i report and block every time but i have to do it every match. It’s pretty boring.

Can we make something for this ? Maybe an option to “/mute all” like league of legend ??

This is really a bad thing.

And maybe have penality for insulting ? I dont know but when i come from work and every night people bully eatch other i dont want to play this game anymore.

Wait until the people come here and telling you, you are the problem (perpetrator victim reversal). In few months LA will be more severe than LoL. I really miss the times around 2000-2011, gaming industry was kinda free from people with mental issues and games were actually enjoyable.

i dont care i juste need isue for filter the angry kids

If it’s in every game just hide chat and your problem is solved. Or create a chat tab and disable all social checkboxes.
Either way, there are so many filters for curses and swear words in this game that it borderlines PEGI 3.

yeah so i have to limit myeself for 3 IQ peoples nice idea Ukidme, u look exactly like people i talk about, ama wrong ?