Toxicity - becoming a huge problem

Recently, I politely asked a question on a Lost Ark youtube video. I was met with denigrating & toxic replies. One commenter said I was a perfect example of NA entitlement - but I was genuinely just trying to ask a question and I was appalled at how rude and unhelpful the responses were. Someone finally took the time to kindly give me an actual answer and I thanked them.

Yes. The current game has TONS of issues, and there is a frustrating lack of transparency from the developers right now. But please, do not let your frustration spill in how you interact with others. Is it impossible for us to learn how to disagree respectfully with each other? To have conversations that don’t have to include disparaging, toxic language?

Even if a person rudely responds back to you, don’t try to do it back to them. Don’t let a toxic person determine how you act. Taking the bait is the easy way out. I know we are in a pandemic, and there is a bit of emotional instability. But it makes me very sad to see how some people have treated others on here (and I am not innocent either). But if you are contributing to the toxicity, elitism, or carry the attitude of refusing to listen to other people’s opinions, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Is this relevant to game feedback? I think the community is a part of the game. But if you want to help promote an environment where people can ask questions and friendliness is the norm, please engage politely with people on here. Heck, I can understand talking sh_t about SG & Amazon - yeah, venting our frustrations is totally fine. But when you start treating other people on here like they’re less than human… that’s just not cool dude.


Totally agree, just keep your cool and don’t get baited. People just have a bad day and dealing with a bad game is affecting them. Be civilized and reasonable and things will be better.

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I don’t think this post belongs in the Lost Ark feedback forum

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Big difference between picking on soulless organizations and people.

Not all people are toxic in themselves, I do not deny it if I have come across quite the same, but if you follow those people the game of being toxic it becomes a wheel where everything will become toxic, it depends a lot on us to form a community and not so much on the developers, let’s just hope that it is not a reporting system that does not work and that really works is the only thing we can ask to prevent people from being toxic. Let’s hope as AGS adds a reporting system because it is toxic and that it is fair and does not become a weapon to report people who do not know how to play let’s see other games from companies that went through that (LoL) than their system It doesn’t work.

Thank you for letting us know that someone was rude to you in a youtube comment.

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Ah… perhaps you’re right and I should’ve considered putting this in general discussion. Oops…

This is a perfect example right here… you are over-simplifying my message in a rude, denigrating way. It strawmans my post as something trivial. It’s frustrating because many people are doing this. I am trying to put attention to the corrosive amount of toxicity within the game community right now. Your response doesn’t help at all and is an attempt to trivialize something I am concerned about.

Another example would be people rightfully complaining about the T3 dead zone. I’ve heard some people shut down any opportunity to a productive conversation by telling them to shut up and just take their time. People just don’t want to hear each other out anymore.

There was no context given as to what video it was under or what you asked or what they said that was rude. Then you use this example to say the community is toxic. Great dude what were you expecting. Toxicity is obviously bad but this is so generalized and very hollow.

Just because toxicity is common place on the Internet doesn’t mean we should all give up and just enable this sort of behavior on here. In fact, I am calling people to do the exact opposite: to remember the human condition, and to treat each other with empathy and dignity.

I understand if you view my message as hollow and pointless. That is your opinion. But I believe it is something that needs to be said at least once.

EDIT: At this point, we clearly disagree about our values surrounding this topic. I don’t want this to become a monologue discussion. This is a road without end. I am going to stop responding to you, even if you unfairly mischaracterize what I say. I am praying you won’t, but yeah. I’m done here - I want to hear from others.

One time I got punched and I disliked it and would like to discuss how humans have a big problem with violence. Violence is bad, someone needed to say it.

I agree that your comment is trivial, you can go to virtually any YouTube comment section and be treated that way, if that is the best example of Lost Ark toxic behavior you had to present, then you have no evidence of toxic behavior. People make negative YouTube comments and don’t play the game. If you look at a FF14 YouTube video comments section, a lot of the toxicity will be people who play wow.

I think social media encourages extreme behavior because it gets rewarded with updoots. Lack of consequences through anonymity too.

I do have to ask though. Are you new to the internet? Its been this way as long as I can remember, especially in game communities considering how they’re filled with kids.

Only thing that strikes me as abnormal about this games community is unwillingness to consider other peoples point of views, but that could easily just be my own bias.

No, I’ve been in these communities for a long period of time.
I actually should just apologize. After some reflection I think making this post was pointless after all. Most people don’t care* about being good people online. I think I’ve just been too naive.

And no, that isn’t your own bias. The amount of strawmanning that happens in this community is abysmal. And I’ve seen too many discussions where people say opinions that sound like they’re 100% gungho on their perspective and won’t consider anybody else’s thoughts.

To everyone who has replied and read through, I apologize for wasting your time… it was unbelievably naive of me to think we could have a conversation about toxicity here, on a gaming platform.

This could be anything. The question and/or the video could have been far more toxic than the replies.

To a lot of people, if you are actively attacking the game with seemingly no outward telegraph of empathy, they will treat you like an attacker. The last thing people want is for a game to die from another social assault while the assaulters go back to WoW.

The moment this game is unplayable for me, I instantly leave and they don’t hear a damned word from me. Meanwhile this type of language just sounds like WoW players trying to take down as many people with them before they leave.

Toxicity can be subjective. Usually it means spite filled negativity. Think about this post for example. Is this spite filled negativity?

From the sounds of the language in this thread, you want AGS to just start banning everyone that you subjectively want destroyed. To a lot of people, that is toxicity.

The reason why you see people dividing into hostile camps and talking past each other and refusing to dialogue and so on?

The reason is that Amazon has a track record of responding to forum complaints, which we know from New World and, to a lesser extent, here as well. They don’t always do it in a considered way, either, but appear at times to do it in a knee-jerk way based on who can raise the greatest uproar at a given situation.

Because of this tendency, there is an incentive to simply raise an uproar, dismiss opposing views, repeat the same positions, open numerous threads, keep pumping them to keep the heat on, and so on. It is a lobbying tactic, in short, because it has been shown to be somewhat effective with this developer/publisher.

I’d add that F2P games are generally extremely toxic for various reasons (they attract a different kind of player generally than a B2P or subscription does, and let’s just leave it at that). League of Legends, for example, has a horrifically toxic community, and is a large F2P game.

I’m sorry to hear that you had to experience that. Simply ignoring is the best way possible, if you read their response, it will simply just cause you more of a headache. I’ve been trying my best to know when to stop if I know its a toxic player responding. By not responding to that player, I know for a fact it will drive them crazy because they want “attention.” So, best course of action just ignore them.

The unfortunate reality with under staffing C.S and relying on algorithms to do the job.

People know the Algorithms are absolutely useless at dealing with toxicity, they know they can get away with behaving like they’re on 4chan because the few C.S that are actually active are overworked and probably underpaid so it’s the classic Bezos wants money but doesn’t want to speculate to accumulate quandry.

How that man became a Billionaire is something I will never understand because he just seems absolutely incompetent and incapable of ever making a good business decision.

everyone is toxic because they just failed 10x a day every piece of gear going to 100%

I joined Kunge and told the crew that I will be using Flair or Pheromone bomb and all was fine till we started the fight .
One of them just started spamming and insulting all of us and warning us for not using coro nades , so I told him after first warning that I told him at the beginning what I was using and no one otld anything …then he warned me again , then I told him to warn his mother that I’m gona be late … so hi kicked me :smiley:
Was I to toxic like he said ?