Toxicity in Event Guardian Raid

Literally this. I feel like the Event Guardian Raid is much easier to solo than doing it in groups. Unless you’re a Bard. I wouldn’t know since I never played Bard before. It’s not that bad on Paladin.
Though, I know that’s not the point of OP’s post. I’ve been in multiple toxic lobbies, whether it’d be abyssal or guardian raids, I find them rather hilariously sad.
As for this guy, I think he needs to calm down a bit. I feel like he could use the time caps-locking in normal chat and spam pinging into explaining. Don’t know if I could consider that toxic.

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I just keep saying solo it because people will go with a team, underperform, then get upset when the people that carried u flame you. Just solo it that way if you wipe you waste your own time, not everyone elses, and you get no flame, win win

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What would be nice is cross server block or at least a way to mute pings.

Pings should have some sort of cooldown to avoid toxic spamming. MOBAs have a short freeze period if someone starts spamming it but this game just lets ppl go on for forever.

Right now for chat at least you can do a workaround by just hiding chat or filtering it. You can’t stop pings.

For some reason it was telling me that i cant block him because he isnt from my server? I may have said that wrong but it was something similar to that. But i did try to block thinking it would mute the constant spam of pings he kept doing.

really? and what do you think anyone can say to justify THAT?

Edit: the fact that you think anything could justify that kind of behavior honestly is making me sad.

Toxicity in game is totally reportable: Report a Player or Guild - Support | Amazon Games

“Don’t be a jerk” isn’t a direct code of conduct quote but it’s close enough. Don’t be a jerk.


judging from the conversation it seems that you dont know how to do the event guardians properly.
theres always 1 guardian that drops massive buffs for the group and should be the first priority target.
you could have tried to deescalate and ask him what he thinks you did wrong but instead you instantly attack his mental health after he tells you to watch a guide.

who is the toxic one here…


The guy screaming insults in an extremely casual event that’s basically faceroll even without the buffs is the toxic one. It’s not even a question.


AGS should look into updating the code of conduct much like what ffxiv did in recent months to bolster a better and healthier community.

The current AGS code of conduct is too generalised and doesn’t paint a clear picture.

Some groups I was in, truly had “bad” players, but nobody said a word and you still did the dungeon or guardian, even tho it was messy.

It is usually the groups with one or two “very experienced” players, where the Drama starts to unfold and you keep on failing as people like to run different tactics or type their insults instead of actually playing the game.

As a Bard I can carry less experienced folks, but I fail to find a solution for the others mentioned here. :rofl:

I am not justifying any behaviour. It was toxic and should be viewed and punished. But, I can judge the whole situation based only on one print. The guy that took the photo could (I am not saying they was) be as toxic as the other guy was.

no shot you created forum account just to report someone calling u “small iq american”…? perhaps he was right lol

Another day I was doing the same event (one boss with stagger check, I don’t remember the name), so I ping them because first-time people just ran. I said: “we need to stagger this guardian to get the buff”, the guy just answered: “play your game and I will play mine”. Long story short, they keeping run, it is impossible to kill 3 guardians without the buff, 20 minutes wasted and not finished the event.

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This usually happens against Nacrasena since you do need to destroy the tail so you can kill him a lot faster or just stagger him in general. The toxicity is unwarranted but at least know the mechanics mate.

Bro, you cannot just come on the forums your first time and pull a Randal. There’s a report button in game duuuude. Miss Fenster!

Unfortunately I see a lot of “American” hating coming from EU/AUS. But Americans also tend to be very closeminded and self absorbed. I agree with you though. It’s an MMO player thing. Humans will be humans, sadly, no matter what side of the planet they are on.

I think many people just need a good old hug.

I did the same thing at first but then I thought you know what: shame this guy. Let all the nasty bullies out there see that if you treat people like shit you might get called out on forums.

Couldn’t have said it better!

And regarding the “American hate” - I would lie if I would say I never heard things like that but it’s the same wise versa. If you see/hear/read (whatever) an American talking toxic you often here “Typical American” and I HATE IT because something like that doesn’t exist. Bad/shameless/toxic is not tied to a country unfortunately (in the way of even existing). But I don’t want to start a topic regarding that :sweat_smile: we would be writing for 100 years+

So in the Essence as you said “a good old hug can change the world” :wink:

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Guy should have just typed out what was wrong instead of pinging. This behavior should not be tolerated. However, one should figure out and ask what was wrong and fix whatever was potentially wrong. I have not encountered toxicity from other players in this game with +1k hours recorded playtime (I’m sure it will happen in due time). I see all these stories on forums and its hard to believe at times. I do feel that the complainers could be the problem as much as the other player

Yeah that’s true. No one is without failure that’s for sure. The difference lies in how you communicate it and how you (as the one spoken to) reacts/wants to change it.

I also have, till now, only had 1 “toxic” player - I handled it and it was okay. I think if you have one other person in the group that (I translate a German saying now so I am sorry if it is wrong in English) “takes out the wind of his sail” they often stop - at least to some degree :joy:

It is never easy handling/having toxic people no matter were. Besides from not being okay no one knows who he/she is and what day, condition, whatever is right now. Doesn’t make it better but always encourage me to be nice and try to solve it with kindness instead of the same “toxic” behavior.

And I know how that sounded :rofl: but I am one of those “with a little kindness you can move mountains”-person