Toxicity in pvp

Hello, like another day, I keep finding the same aggressive and toxic players in each game constantly insulting, making the experience of this game totally unpleasant. I have been reporting these types of players constantly, but I keep running into them, not seeing any change in attitude. Tired of always seeing the same thing, I turn to the forum to make this public, waiting for some kind of response… Thanks

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tell me 1 game with a competitive mode that isnt toxic? get used to it


if only there was like an option or something to block players hmm i wonder how such complex system would work


It’s annoying that it’s not possible to mute someone from another server.

If I were you I’d adjust or stop queuing. You don’t need chat open. Occasional toxicity in PvP is unavoidable. When you improve you’ll get matched with better players and these types with loser mentalities fade away.

Honestly yeah it sucks to get ragequitters afkers and flammers, but these people are probably children and you wont find a single PvP in any mmo (or game at all…) that doesn’t have this stuff, report and move on is all you can do, it wont be addressed, and if it is we’ll just lose our proving grounds chatting privileges’.

You need super thick skin for PvP. Gunlancer pvp is rough and hard to do and I lose more than I win but still slowly learning. Some people rage and blame but it is what it is. It doesn’t help that you have to take the toxic slurs but changing your mindset will help a lot.

You can minimize the chat bar though


If you’re letting it get to you, they’re winning a type of PvP.


We should be able to to block people from other servers. In PVE aswell.

just ignore / turn the chat off honestly. nothing else can help you with that.

Turn off the chat +1
I also turn off the sound so don’t have to suffer offensive repeat ping…
I just try to focus on doing my best, and if we lost, next game… oh there’s always next game…

Alt+X hides ure UI. You can play around it.


PvP breeds a lot of toxicity and competitiveness. You will never find a PvP game or mode that isn’t a little bit toxic at least, unless you go the carebear route like FFXIV did and only allow preset words to be said.

The fact that the attitude is “get used to it” and not “change the shit attitude” is so sad. Even the “best community” game FF14 has had massive toxicity in it’s new pvp matches, and they have this same attitude. “It’s like this in COD, Overwatch, CS:GO, get used to it”

Like no, I won’t thanks. I’ll report every single toxic asshole in hopes eventually we will change. It’s like saying “oh the planet is heating, get used to it” and not thinking we can change :woozy_face:


lmaoooo that guy went full muritard spamming “mexican”

On EUW ppl aren’t that toxic in pvp , i haven’t see much toxicity in 500+ games in ± 2000rating
just some ppl mad at the flipcoin.

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Best advice is, Ignore them. Im not so innocent myself but i learn just to ignore and shut my mouth. yes the PVP is intense and competative. Alot of skills and mechanics, and some classes OP. Just enjoy bud, toxicity will be there cause this game can be a PITA

It must be pretty complex because you can’t block people cross-server.

Just switch off chat when your in pvp, too many mental people play.

Its actually a great solution, i enjoy the thought of someone ranting away and no one even notices him going crazy.

I pvp a lot. Eventually everyone gets toxic. I tend to be toxic when I do Team Elimination, sometimes you see atrocious things happen in front of your eyes and you wonder why such bad players always end up on your team. For instance I tend to go first mostly, and yesterday I swept 2 of the enemy team and left the 3rd near 60% hp (was a Bard), then the Gunslinger on my team not only did horribly by getting hit by everything but the Bard was able to stall and heal up to 90% hp. Then the final guy, a Glaiver, didn’t know his combos, didn’t know his skills at all. got absolutely destroyed. How can one not be livid after witnessing that? You work so hard only for others to take your hard work and throw it in the trash.