Trade Count Bug in A.H

Hello Guys.
I recently put the pants from the Omen set for sale on A.H and discovered a bug.
Basically, the bug is that you lose the number of trades on the item if you took it from A.H to make price adjustments or cancel the sale.
This bug can prejudice a lot, for example, an item that has only 1 chance to be traded.
If you take it out of A.H you will never be able to sell it again.
Hope it gets fixed, I’m also waiting for help from support to solve my problem.

hmm, yes. And there was some warning I’m sure. Because when I tried to pull something off the market or auction something really convinced me it is a bad idea and just wait it out is what I should do.

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The warning is about you losing the gold used to put the item on A.H, there is nothing about the trade count there.