Trade no longer working between my wife's and my account

I’ve been playing since launch, even bought a founders pack, now in the attempt to stop botting I can no longer trade with my wife’s account. What steps do I need to take to re-enable that? Please don’t say spend more money to play a FREE to play game.

Hello, @Kaunker and Welcome to the Lost Ark Forums!

I’m sorry to hear what’s happening with the trades between you and your wife’s account.

In this case, both of the accounts should meet the small purchase requirement needed to use Steam’s social systems.

Here’s a post from Steam Community that explains it better:

This means, that if both accounts have purchased anything of at least $5 or more (not necessarily on Lost Ark, could be on any other game) added $5 or more to their Steam Wallet, or purchasing anything of at least $5 or more , both accounts should be able to use those game features.

If both accounts are in good standings, and yet you folks can’t trade between each other, contact Steam Support so they can check on their side and update any info on your accounts if needed.

I hope you find this useful, and let me know if I can help with something else! :slight_smile:

:warning:Edit: Non-trusted accounts can still receive trade requests from Trusted accounts. (Thanks @Kaunker and @aldxelm1 for making me notice that mistake, and I apologize for the misunderstanding on this one.)

Patch notes say only the trade initiating account needs trusted status. Am I wrong or am I missing something?

Hey, ur reply seems to contradict the March 24th patch notes, which states that the trusted account can initiate trades with non-trusted accounts. I have had a similar incident happen to me earlier as well, where my friend (trusted account) was unable to trade me (untrusted account). can we get some clarification on which is the intended version? My friend who has the trusted account, was able to trade with other trusted account, just not me (an untrusted account).

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Let me check that out, and I’ll edit the post with any corrections needed, my apologies in advance.

If by any chance you still have issues with non trusted restrictions when your account is trusted already, contact Steam support for more details.

I hope your still checking on this or can give me a clearer answer on if or when I should be able to trade with my wife. If it helps we are currently receiving 2 different messages depending on which account initiates the trade.
My wife’s account(non-trusted) says “To improve player safety, outgoing trades are restricted until accounts have a trusted status.”
That seems correct.
The issue is my account(trusted) says “To improve player safety, outgoing trades with accounts that do not have trusted status are restricted”
This statement is pulled from the patch notes on this forum

  • Initiating player-to-player trades (requests can still be received)
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I actually am working on it, as the trade you initiated should go through with no problems.

Thanks a lot for the input, I will pass this to the devs so they can give us a clearer statement as it was informed in the first place that outgoing trades with non-trusted accounts wouldn’t be affected.

I appreciate the patience and I’ll bring you an update as soon as I have any! :smiley:


U just need to spent 5 euro on steam to use the full social system on steam…
thats the new update vs bots xDDD

Thank you santoryu, I’ll be patient and yea I still can’t trade with her as of this moment.

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in addition to the 5 euros you have to wait 30 days for your accounts to be reliable :3

hey, thanks for the speedy response! just to confirm, trusted accounts are still unable to trade with untrusted accounts. thanks for the swiftly reply, and looking forward to a clarification soon.

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hey, any updates on this? been checking frequently, with no response from anyone, and there doesn’t seem to be a new thread that’s discussing it either.

Didn’t feel like igniting another troll gathering but the workaround I found is you can mail stuff
Seems like we are past the reasonable amount of time for an official update tho, whether that be a answer of sorry we will fix it or we were wrong and deal with it.

According to Lost ark development team - Lost Ark Forums mods went home 2 hours ago so don’t wait up

our issue wasnt even addressed in the weekly maintenance, and there hasnt been an update from him since. Amazing.

Think you spelled Amazon wrong cuz it’s definitely not amazing. It’s so sad what’s happening to the game with lack of customer support on the actual issues. Probably shouldn’t of expected any different after how new world played out.

I’m having the same issue. My account has been limited from trades, after working until the start of this week. I have:

8 years of steam
At least $500 spent, including $15 in the past 2 weeks
No VAC or community bans
No apparent issues on Lost Ark (2 chars in Tier 3 + Founder’s Pack + Bought a name change)
I’d like to know what’s thats up to, since that came out of nowhere.

main accc

Not working for me either , even tho i spent 20 eur + on this game , Just go gain "trusted Mode "

Your not the only one, this is starting to feel a lot like false advertising.

Lost ark is working with steam in order to prevent people to create new free accounts and stuff. Like bots etc , cheaters and all of that . its all part of the plan , but trying to fix some error created new ones, and people say its only one or two people , from what I see major people are experiencing this error. And no ETA for the fix , not even a post , a response to a ticket nothing.