Trade restriction for roster storage

As title said, applying trade restriction to roster it’s such a dick move. I get it, it’s not a big deal, just wait 3 days. But still, i’d like to use the skin and product i buy as soon as you take my money.


I bought the package and wanted to put the weapon box on a different character but can’t. Now I have to wait 3 days just to use my purchased item on the character I want :frowning:

THIS omg… bought 3 skins and now I cant use them on my alts??? CMON…

Did you just buy gold or crystal purchase?


this is such a TERRIBLE thing to do. I bought the summer pkg on my main as I always do…and want to give some of the pkg contents to diff characters on my OWN roster…and cant do that. maybe I can do that in 3 days. How stupid is this? it does nothing to deter fraud or RMT…it just makes me less likely to buy stuff from your store and makes me mad at the game when I should be happy.

HOTFX this…today!!!

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Yes, this needs more attention. Why is someone who is using royal crystals being 3day penalized to move roster items in their own account? I assume that the spaghetti code is using the same conditions as accessory bindings. I bought skin bundles, but some of the chests I want to move to another character to open.


bumping this.

Just found this out myself. I’m Pretty bummed about it.
Like OP said, it may not be a big deal to some but to those with limited time? This is just super inconvenient…

And wait, if you dont have trusted, you cant even mail stuff between your roster characters omegalol

Bumping this because its a stupid design decision. Bought 2 hipster weapon boxes to use on 2 different characters. One is stuck for 3 days because it can’t be transfered to roster storage lol