trading error (limited account)

the game does not let me trade with friends, in the personal exchange, I have purchases of ams of $5 on steam, and I even have paid the amount of $5 to the wallet, so I do not understand the blocking of the account, someone could me explain or how do I solve the problem?

steam have a 30 day waiting period after spending / adding that 5 dollars, once that 30 days is up its moved to the trusted state

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My account already has more than a month with that money in my wallet, that’s why my confusion will take a little more than 3 months…

Hello, @yennifer2702 and Welcome to the Lost Ark forums!

I’m sorry to hear what’s happening with your account.

If you added at least $5 to your Steam Wallet, and it’s been more than 30 days from that, you should be a trusted user already.

Please make sure you can send friend and/or group invites on Steam (as this is a feature for trusted users only). If it doesn’t allow you to, contact Steam support so they can check into that. If everything is OK on Steam’s end, contact us via live chat so we can investigate this further on our end.

Feel free to tag me here if anything else.

Hello, I have the same problem, I need a solution please, steam refers me to amazon and amazon refers me to lost ark, I just need to be able to exchange, check my account, verify that I meet the requirements, that I am not a bot, that I do NOT sell gold. your help please.