Trading pains and how to alleviate them easily

After I finish two Chaos dungeons and two Guardian raids each day, I have dozens of tradeable objects. It is an incredible pain to determine which of them could sell well and which of them is trash to dismantle. I have a few suggestions how to make this easier for us:

  1. Display an average/last marketplace price in the tooltip of the item. (Now we have to open Market > Auction tab > Register > right click > Market value > back to inventory > find the correct item > dismantel or sell > repeat the entire preceding process after clicking Register).

  2. Implement notifications on engravings + combat stats on items, similar to what we already have for Tripod Skill Tree effects (very useful!). You already have the UI in place – just make the advanced auction search form content preset usable as tracking notification!

Thank you! :slight_smile:

If you CRTL+Right Click an item in your inventory there’s an option to view market information, this opens up the auction house with a filter for this item so you can see if they are selling or not.

It’s not as quick as having that kind of information on the item’s tooltip, but it’s still far faster than the method you describe. Just a tip for you.

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Thanks for that tip. Yes, it is helpful, but as you say, not as fast as a tooltip price would be.