Tranferring Lost Ark to an External Hard Drive so my friend can play

My friend isn’t able to install the game off steam for some reason. I was wondering if I were to transfer LOA on an external hard drive so they could place it in their steam folder and “skip” the install, would I get banned some how if they were to start the game? I’m not sure if my game files would trigger something if LOA was booted on another computer.

When you say that they cant install the game what do you mean? They run into an error message? Or is it due to a regional restriction?

If its just an error of some sort and they can still access the Lost Ark page on steam I dont think there would be an issue doing this.

I think it’s during the install that my friend gets an error message, but I’ll have to double check. It’s definitely not a regional issue.

Hello @RedMatrix

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I’m sorry to hear about the issue of trying to load Lost Ark in the steam folder.

For this scenario, the best option will be to contact steam support directly: Steam Support

They are in the best position to help for loading the files in the steam folder.

Regarding the other question, this is not a reason for a ban at all.

I hope it helps, see you in Arkesia!