Transfer problem

Hello. I have a problem because I can’t transfer through this mission (screenshot attachment) and I can’t finish the mission because I don’t have stuff from the chest. can you help me somehow?

Nick: Gamenesspl
Server: Neria

Hello @Gameness

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention.

This could be a bug that’s impending the progression of the mission, can you please contact our live support so we can elevate a ticket to our developer team and they can provide the specialized support need it for this type of issue:

For the bug report you’ll need the following information:

-Character name
-Server name
-Server region
-Where in game did the issue happen
-Name of specific quest item event npc or other relevant details

They may request some additional files from your PC and if you’re able to provide some screenshots.

Hope this help, see you in Arkesia!