Transfer/fusion euw?

Hello !

After a month and a half of the arrival of the EUO region, we can see some problems.

-It is impossible to find mates below level 50 to participate in dungeons.

  • Difficulty in finding mates at certain times/days for weekly dungeons as a daily.
  • A few ping climbs per moment.
  • Huge empty channel.
  • More and more people leaving the FR/ENG community to return to Central Europe.
  • Very little choice of object in the market in view of the relatively small population of the region which leads to a rise in prices which is complicated to follow with the little gold easily accessible at present
  • Increasing number of bot/Gold-Selle in T3 (Punika/South Bern), which pushes a lot of players in trouble with winning gold to buy on illegal sites.
    All these problems related to the market, raises the prices of bad object obtainable in the game according to a percentage of chance.

Do you have any plans to do anything for players in EUW?
Possible transfers from Roster?
Multiply the advertising for this region in order to try to bring back more players?

I hope to have a response of a CM (Roxx Maybe !) fairly quickly, wishing you a good evening/ day on Archésia.

There will never be transfer from one region to another due to technical limitations. So if you dont like EUW just create new char on EU Central. Thats how it is.


The bad thing about his comment…

he is right…

That is the sole reason why we nevery changed server region. We just went on a less popular server (inanna).

A “new” server REGION that was created weeks after the launch where 90% of all players already started the game with friends, guilds, timeinvest ect. have a chance to die out?
Sorry… that is something that was very very predictable… And i hate it that i was right when i called all my gaming buddys “not to do this”.

If you are lucky (really lucky) you can maybe get a transfer in 6 month. Course CM/GMs have so much time they can copy/pasty every bit of code of your Roster by hand…

We can hope that Amazon will put pressure on Smilegate and ask them to work on Region transfer

Just bc KR / JP / RU don’t have it doesn’t mean we should not have it.

Improvement based on feedbacks should always be welcomed :3


amazon will never do that, they dont care anymore after 10 years of fails

Who play t1 dungeons? You go from T1 to T2 max for 2 days. No need to play them. I haven’t play them with my alts even once.

You maybe, but some little/new player want play with other mate on dungeon. It’s more fast and cool to play with other mate !

If you give me 100kk golds and for my guilde too , i will do that. :smiley:

YOu have just to reroll on a new server. Amazon can´t transfer you to another server like posted every day here in forum.

And that kids is why you stay stubborn on your server, even when the queue is 20k, cause you know, that there will be a time when people quit and new server areas die out.

Everyone should reroll on the server with the highest queue so it never dies out /s

Give me my skin, mounts, golds, shillings, ark pass and i will do it right now !
But did it for my guildmate too :wink:

And they repaid you by quitting.

Just come back to EUC, we miss you. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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it will be hilarious when EUW die and everyone start botting on EUC to boost their new char :slight_smile:

So thats where all the bots in EU are comming from^^ (just kidding)

My hopes for those poor souls can’t survive knowing that they did have a server transfer in KR at one point.
…It was a one-off thing that they never repeated.

I would give you all of this and a punika boost for every char u have on EUW over 1302.
As addition a free platin pack to compesate a bit of your playing time.

But that is was i do, because i respect you as an player.

For Amazon you are only this:


I guess you can expect yourself how much amazon will give you 4 free :wink: