Transferring Base Relic to Brel Gear restrictions

Hey all,

I’m doing Brel week 1 on my Artist and I just crafted my first Relic piece (Yearning Head) to gear transfer to the Brelshaza Yearning head.

The problem is that I don’t want to gear transfer it to the Brel head yet because I got lucky with a special hone and got it to +21. I would rather gear transfer a +20 piece since I get better ilvl gains. Sadly, no other yearning piece uses Valtan mats and I already used up my 3rd run on Clown.

With that being said, Can I craft a non-yearning relic piece and gear transfer that piece into a Brelshaza Yearning piece? Or can I only gear transfer within one set only? i.e. Yearning → Brel Yearning; Hallucination → Brel Hallucination

Has anyone done this before?

i have not done this before but i am 99% sure the set does not matter, only thing that matters is that you cannot gear transfer legendary to brel relic

in case you now craft something like hallucination valtan and then you cannot transfer it to brel yearning you could also dismantle the brel yearning and recraft brel hallucination to make it work the way you mentioned

this works because brel relic can always be gear converted to other sets with no requirements (you do not need 55 valtan + 55 vykas), you can insta convert brel whenever to your yearning set afterwards

but again i am extremely certain it does not matter in the first place whether your brel and old relic piece are the same set

hope this helps


the hone does not matter

i mean

you got your valtan piece . thats +21 → means when you are change it to brel its +13
if you wouldnt be lucky , it would be +20 → means +12 brel gear

whats the point ? it changes nothing ?

it does not matter
just wait 2 weeks an get another piece from vykas and then transfer that to brel piece
makes no diffrence itemlvl wise
in the end you have the same , just wait that one week for vykas if you dont wanna change that headpiece

Thanks friend. I can confirm this tomorrow but I’m happy for the reassurance

A) Not helpful and it does matter.

B) i only need to hone a Brel piece to +15 instead of +16 to achieve 1500 ilvl if i gear transfer another piece.

C) The point is that i want to do Brel G1-4 with my static so i can get my second Brel piece next week.

D) i’m a frugal guy so knowing that i only get 15 ilvl’s from gear transferring a +21 instead of getting 20 ilvls from transferring a +20 feels like I’m wasting resources.

E) My goal is to get full lvl 2 Brel set by week 6 so I dont have an extra week or two to spare.

then why you didnt give us that information beforehand

instead of let people write something , without your goals you want to achieve ?

sure it is not helpful for you when i write that to you when you never said whats your goal

Brogurt gave me the info i need, even though they are not confident in it. You just told me what to do without telling me the information i needed.

Be more like Brogurt

you are also not like brogurt cause you gave me not the information i needed to tell you the same like brogurt did , it wasnt 100% clear in what timeframe you wanted to fullfill your set

be more like Brogurt