Transform classes have serious issues in the current game

I see so many people argue over transform classes being so very cheap when comparing to classes that have many important damage tripods and gems. I can’t foresee any possible scenario in which I would even consider buying lvl 10 gems. Do they increase damage? Sure. Does it really make a difference? Serious doubt. My shadow hunter was my starting class and main. My sorc and arcana have a couple lvl 8s each with quite a few maxed tripods. The only thing I can say good about shadow hunter is they have a decent self heal. Other than that it is outclassed completely as dps. The only time I see MVP since Vykas is with new guardian raid, and only if team gets the buffs correctly.
Blood massacre is SH most damagjng skill. If you are hit during animation, it goes onto cooldown. And this skill can easily be missed with the bossfights in endgame content. It hits for under 20 mil without having good buffs and synergy,
Doomsday is Sorc highest damaging skill. If you are hit during animation you just have to get up and try again. Doomsday hits for well over 50 mil in right circumstance. and sorc has other skills with comparable damage.

So transforms only way to gain damage would be a higher level gem. But will it even come close to what my less invested mages do. Not in the current game. Seriously not even remotely close. Besides my mages can get higher lvl gems also. My empress arcana pops off with ruin skills dealing more dmg a lot of times more than double blood massacre and they happen seconds apart for the entire fight. These classes either need a substantial buff or a major rework. It doesn’t have to be on the same lvl as top dps but the gap is far to wide and only getting larger as new content is released.

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the fact that this game - which makes so much emphasis on good rotations and mechs knowledge during fights - doesn’t have a dps meter is beyond stupid to me. I know the devs argument for it, but the argument is just there to hide a very, very big and systematic issue: The classes are far from being balanced, and not like we have them in a 10% window depending on skill/build, the dmg output varies from 25-30% in the worst cases up to 100% more in the right circumstances. There are classes with no party synergies, there are classes that have multiple - supports excluded - buffs and nerfs are based on “data” they gather but still experienced players that play multiple classes are baffled at game dev choices.
It’s the typical korean mmo: have a good platform, milk the cow, deny any non store related problem. Develop anything that can bring money, from weapon skins to fashion and mounts, have as much gambling/rng in game as possible to incentivize $ transactions and anything else is just an afterthought.

More like 100-200 depending on how godly you are

yup, even I went over 100 mil and I’m probably not even good at it.

It looks like they focus on like one or two classes at a time, so it may be a while before they get to every class. Probably doesn’t help that they apparently destroyed Sharpshooters and may have to fix that first.

isn’t that just PTR ? Based on feedback just don’t put the Sharpshooter changes in and it’s a pretty easy fix. However there’s something telling me that their ego is bigger than the playerbase feedback and SS changes are going to go live.

From what I can remember, its called ptr but it goes into live game a few weeks later. Meaningful changes can’t be done on that schedule. I guess it’s really just more of a heads up that your character you invested into and built out is no longer gonna be viable.

Transform classes don’t have the strongest dmg. So yeah, if you chase meta cruel fighter mvp, this is not the class for you.
For me shadowhunter is a very good class for learning new raids. I usually get mvps in the learning stage. Because I do consistent dmg even when learning mechs and survive really well. But in overgeared farm content only burst classes do their full potential.
Biggest tip I can give you: don’t play meta classes for dmg and chase cruel fighter. You can clear any raid on ilvl with the weakest classes… Play the classes that are FUN even when you don’t do the most damage. And if you want to feel powerful join a 1460 grp on vykas with your 1500+ :smiley: