Transformation classes rework

Does anyone know if this has yet been mentioned in any LA version to rework transformation skills to suit the more traditional tripod and gem layout?

I mean I don’t understand where this came from… look at the Glavier from example she wields two weapons paired with two different stances and rotations with each one skill having its own tripod level.

Now why SH DI and scouters had to have this lazy design of buffing all of their skill at once by the means of a “x” level gem with no tripod and lack of single skill customisation

Don’t get me wrong this is great for gearing alts as it’s cheap and efficient but think about main-ing the class and realising that you gave a horrible dps scaling after passing the 1475 threshold compared to other classes…

Also aesthetically I don’t see why would anyone want to spend an astronomical amount to hone their weapon (yea weapon power of course) when after transforming you can’t even enjoy the shine of your hard-gained weapon glare

Am I reading this right? I suppose you are a main of one of those transformation classes and you complain that they only need 2 gems? So you’d rather spent 4x the amount on gems for the same DMG result?

FYI having a lvl 10 DMG gem boosts all your transformation skills, so I really don’t get where the “bad scaling” is coming from. It’s actually the other way around. While every other DPS grinds hard for a set of lvl 9 gems, transformation classes can get straight to lvl 10 and thus out DPS the other classes

He complains about the moment he falls off like when every class has their lvl 10 gems and lvl 5 tripods.
I have a shadowhunter as an alter and just being lvl 60 with both lvl 7 gems and 3*3 the class can outdamage the other classes untill they start getting their tripods xD

Well i dont really care about this, but i would like tripod system on the skills for more customization options. Coz ATM you are stuck with same skills and cant change a single things about them

Whyd you be looking at your weapon mid fight?

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One of the reasons i play PS shadowhunter, transformations just sucks.

The thing for me is, that atillerist is nothing else than a transformation class. The only difference for me is that he has tipots on his skills, what makes him to a mega class. I mean he literally transforms in a wheelchair :thinking: that’s not fair!