Translation for Brazilian Portuguese. Why Not?

It is our right as consumers to charge for the game to be localized in our language, we spend time and money on a game where most players do not understand what is happening in the story, the attributes of the items among many other things. And look what a coincidence I didn’t expect less from a person who already has the game localized in their language to show up to talk shit about the positioning of a player who is just demanding his rights as a consumer. Brazil is one of the biggest game consumers in the world, honey. We are the record country in terms of game consumption in Latin America, do you have any idea what that means? Clearly not!


@Roxx With the game’s release now we can see that the Brazilian community is not small, so much so that it had to open 2 more SA servers and it can be much bigger if you dedicate a team (It can be the same as NewWorld because the translation is perfect there) for the Portuguese translation I hope you take this post into consideration.


Is regional pricing also something you couldn’t work in a whole year? When your previous game New World had it? Not putting any work for South America, and expecting us to pay unrealistic prices, what a joke…


Just knowing that at least the hypothesis was considered is enough to cheer us up. I will wait in the hope that there will in fact be a translation in the future, thank you very much @Roxx


The game is FREE TO PLAY… you don’t get to claim entitlement just because you decided to put money into the game. You aren’t owed anything. English is the most universal language, hence games are made in English first.

If you have so many people in your country, as you claim the “Biggest game consumer in the world” LOL (That’s false) have them buy the rights to the game from Smilegate, translate, and have a personal client for Brazil, like Russia did.

Latin was correct in their statement, you believe you’re owed something, because you decided to play a free game. Give me a break.

P.S. Also, just because you made such a ridiculous claim I will mention Brazil isn’t even close by a long shot when it comes to game consumers, where China is leading, and US follows, then Japan, then EU, then Korea… En·ti·tle·ment.

Are you idiot? I defended briathus’ post about him claiming his rights as a consumer, which he is totally right, so sure that his feedback was answered by Roxx and they adapted the official Lost Ark website in our language which for us is a very big achievement. At no time did I say that Brazil is the biggest consumer of games in the world, but ONE OF THE BIGGEST, being the country that consumes the most games in LATIN AMERICA, or are you too dumb to have understood that? And despite being the most known and spoken language in the world, English is not official, fluent in several countries, and Brazil, for example, occupies the 41st of countries that speak it fluently. The game has adaptation in 5 different languages, why not in PT-BR? The release of Lost Ark here in Brazil is being a resounding success, to the point of creating more servers to support the number of players and bringing an adaptation will only attract even more. Companies like Sony, Riot Games and Capcom after adapting their games to our language received considerable feedback from Brazilian players and this is recognized! Everything I mentioned or said in my posts is based on data and research not on my personal opinion but my personal opinion remains the same, that I expect no less from an idiot person who already has the game localized in their language to show up to speak shit about the positioning of a player who is just claiming his rights as a consumer.


You’re clearly extremely ignorant. Just understand, you and most BR’s believe they’re always owed something in every game, you are in no way on ANY spectrum of importance, when there are far more larger revenue to be gained from other countries, hence you all flock to every single free to play game, then try and take them over claiming it should be translated in Portuguese, and it should be catered to you. (As the OP stated outright).

For example Aion, Ragnarok, FFXIV, WoW… two of which went free to play, and the games died, the other two I watched endless posts about BR’s begging for their own servers, and translations, and complaining how the games had monthly subscriptions, and should be free. LOL. I know, I was there during both launches of FFXIV 1.0 through 2.0, and WoW. None of you even bought the game, yet you believe you can get what you want by complaining on forums, and various social media’s lol. Like LoA, I can guarantee majority of you have not even put a single penny into the game, and are already trying beg for changes to a game that just released in ‘NA.’

I will end with this, you know how I know you’re lying to yourself? The fact that you’re getting so defensive with name calling, and getting upset over facts… people love to get defensive when they can’t handle the truth. I’ve spoken with numerous Latin Americans throughout my 20+ years of playing games online, and a lot of them even say they know BR’s are entitled people, so take that as you will. Facts are facts. shrug

P.S. And yes I have put money into the game, because I know you’re going to be dying to attack me next on that. Have fun, I hope you get your translations in the future, however maybe next time use a bit of tact when asking for it. You just make it easier for me to prove my point.

Honey understand, the fact that a game is free to play doesn’t rule out feedback from something that a community is asking a lot, because when a company pays attention to that kind of feedback, it wins (apart from the players). If I or any of the Brazilians here in this post were not important, the official Lost Ark website would still continue without a PT-BR adaptation so take this strike. It is very interesting that you use these games as an example, because not only the BR community but players from other countries also say that the games died because the company did not pay attention to community feedback and therefore preferred to migrate to other games, I was not there to know but do you have the data that proves that what you said is right? Well I didn’t and won’t spend money on Lot Ark for now for the absurd prices that the packs are currently, but as LoA, prove that the BR players of this post and most Brazilians didn’t spend money on the game, you said that can guarantee so please prove it to me! Look… I think you are the one trying to convince yourself that everything you said is right, but the difference between the two of us and our posts is that everything I said was based on data and research, not things I believe to be true. And that fact is what makes it easier for me to prove my point, DATA. I know that in these 20 long years of experience you have with online games there wasn’t much information but now there are handy tools where you can get information about any kind of thing, so do your research man. And no, I’m not going to attack you for the fact that you spent it on the game, the money is yours, the option is yours and that’s not my problem. I end here my comments on this post, it’s already gone too long and it’s not my goal to generate confusion, although I wasn’t the one who entered this post talking shit. And thank you I hope you have a lot of fun in this game and yes we will be waiting for the translation and dubbing in the future.

PS: In addition to being a specialist in games, are you also a psychologist? That’s really cool man, you could talk to Latin Americans so they’re not racist, toxic and sexist in chat anymore… we may even be entitled as they said, but we’re not assholes.
Ah, I wanted to say that I wasn’t defensive… I was really being aggressive!


I agree 100% with @fabio_mott. Also, translate a game, even EN being an universal language, is an inclusive move if AGS and Smilegate do it sometime soon, mainly considering that Brazil has a poor culture to incentive kids and teens (and, adults too?) to learn EN. For sure, it will bring even more people, which will for sure make SA servers more live and diverse (considering that SA folks don’t speak just Spanish).

Anyway, I want to point about this note from you:

LA was a paid game for 3 days before the launch. I created this topic in Feb 8. During that paid period. You say about entitlement, but looks like you are entitled and 100% out of the context here.

Yet, why be against a translation? Ask AGS and Smilegate for it affects your gameplay? We are just trying to receive the attention we deserve, mainly considering the clear interest from AGS running SA Servers in Brazil, mainly considering that many are investing time (like you, probably a F2P player), but also, money because of the regional investment already done (marketing site, low ping, etc). So if both companies continue these regional investment like they are already doing, for sure more money they will receive. It’s a win-win-win move invest in a translation for PT-BR

I am very happy that this topic is receiving attention. Clearly I was not alone. BTW, even being able to read all in-game quests in EN, everytime that I log in the game, I ask to myself: “Would be amazing to have this quest translated to Portuguese to feel the exact feeling that quest giver had when he/she give it to me. This game is so fantastic, but this bad Portuguese support is a pain to immersion.” – So I continue the quest and my stuff, trying to ignore that, but the bad feeling is there everytime.

And to clarify, this topic is about user experience and inclusion of a whole people, not entitlement, as some suggested.

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ok, but what now?
It was not evident that the game was a success in Brazil, and several purchases on steam and more than 1m of simultaneous players are not enough for you to give some opinion to players who are so dedicated to enjoying the game’s contents? it’s ugly to see how amazon can stagnate not only new games (New World) but can make the experience bad in a game already consolidated in other places, the disregard for situations is revolting!!!

Now that we are going to a post-launch period of the game. What about up again this topic? I mean, the game is already going to a new version in western, so my original question remains, why not to offer brazilian portuguese support in-game?

Is there an already plan or work in progress for it?

Every post that I see in Twitter has someone claming for it. Also, on Steam, there are a bunch of people reviewing this as a negative point yet of the game. Why not give us a feedback?

Also, I know that upcoming patches are done in other regions like KR and RU, but what about a whole people being excluded because of low quality region support?

I can’t believe that a succesful game like this don’t have budget to make paralell work to get a lang translation side by side with planned updates.


Nenhuma novidade?

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Infelizmente, nada dos CMs :sob:

Que descaso cadê a tradução para português Brasil ?!



@Roxx alguma novidade?

Any news? :smile:

triste, eles vão deixar o jogo morrer

@Roxx @Seawolf any news?