Translation of Skills

I know ASG is working hard work on this but please be better at polishing the translation of skills.

With the release of the sorc video, this was shown -

The skill in the video is Frost Explosion, when you can clearly see it’s a wave, not some explosion.
Even the Korean skill name is called 숭고한 해일, which literally means a noble or sublime tsunami/tidal wave.

Examples like these sort of make it seem like there’s not much effort to proofread the skills being put in,


Skill translations have remained scuffed from alpha to beta. They’re inconsistent in quality as if different people or groups worked on them. Bard skill translations for the most part seem good, but then Soulfist is wack.

And then there’s class names being renamed just because.

NPC names, boss names… they said release was being delayed for localization but evidently that doesn’t include translations. Must just be racial diversity.


Not sure why Rufeon’s Word needs to be changed to Godsent Law. I mean…is AGS specifically trying to pair the Holy Knight away from the religious nature in the game and instead link it up to religions IRL instead? Oh did I mean holy knight? I meant PALADIN :roll_eyes:

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Thanks for sharing this feedback, moving to the localization section, will make sure the team sees it.


Hey @Seawolf ,

Any update to this? The translation hasn’t been changed on the website and do you know if there will any progress to tidy up the translations?

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