Translation QoL & QA

This is minor concerns but since every player sees them every day, it is quite bothering. At the current state, the game shows the obvious void of QA over translating content from OG language Korean to target language English and others.

What’s done is done, and I don’t expect everything to be fix at the snap of a finger or demand all the discrepancies and inconsistencies to be fix upon next maintenance. But it’ll be nice to start working on them as these are the bare bone of context to how players experience their journey in Lost Ark.

Key note areas to check

  • Spacing between words
  • location name, phrase inconsistency
  • Voice line discrepancies to text
  • Incorrect gender pronouns
  • Some voices for NPC sounds like male but NPC gender is female, vice versa

Thanks AGS & Smilegate, keep up the works and can’t wait for more skins to buy!

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