Translation/Localisation Errors

I will be putting the different errors I find in this post and update it whenever I can.
Most of these are not gamebreaking, but I hope this will help for a better game quality.
Do not hesitate to add your suggestions here, i will try to add them to the main post.

Translation Errors:

  • During the first rapport quest with Liru, when we interact with her when she is drunk, the progression bar writes “He” Instead of “She”.

  • Similarly, in Vykas gate 3, when the fight starts, Wei says “his desires” (and it is written aswell) while it should be she.

Inconsistensies :

  • The “Tome of the Horizon” item’s name is “Tome of Despair” in the adventure Tome of Annika.

  • “Nomadic Dream” item vs “Nomad’s Dream” in the Adveture Tome of Yudia.

  • “Pungent Scale” item vs “Stinky Scale” in the Adventure Tome of Tortoyk.

  • “bloodstained key” item vs “Bloody key” in the adventure tome of Rethramis
    Subtitles :

  • In the South Vern Quest line, there are multiple inconsistensies between the subtitles and the voicelines.

  • In Nineveh’s second rapport quest “Divine Punishement, Parkunas”, The lines said by Tortoik and the subtitles do not match

  • In the meeting with Senate Speaker Haiger, the subtitles do not match the voicelines.

  • Under the cave before and after fighting the commander Lujene, the subtitles do not match the voicelines.

  • Similar subtitle errors remain in most of the south vern cutscenes.

  • In the “Memory and Woe” rapport quest with Nineveh, after the fight with kakul saydon, the subtitles for the cinematic are erronous .

  • In the “My Name is Neria” rapport quest with south vern Neria, in the cinematic where we are eavesdropping , most of the subtitles are wrong. The cinematic where we confront ricardo in the tavern has the same issue.

  • In the quest termination, the cutscene has a slight subtitle issue (one line does not correspond).

  • In the rapport quest of Nineveh “The letter”, there are some inconsistensies between the dialogue and the subtitles.

  • In the “Forever and ever” Rapport quest of Wavestand Port Neria, the subtitles do not match the dialogue.
    Quests :

  • In the quest "The people who survived in South vern, the task is : Destroy - the torture device … - defeat the black knights. The “destroy” should not be separated.

  • In the quest shadowmoon bookstore, they call Cadri a woman while he looks like an old man.

  • In the “Investigate Candaria’s Holy statue quest”, after touching the statue talk to stella who says it’s phantom magic, but in the “bar” that goes orange, it says phantasm magic.

  • In the quest “Sunset” right where we have to talk to Thar for the first time, it is written “Thar, who is comforting Xereon.” Except that is not the case.

  • In the quest Termination when talking to Queen Ealyn, she talks about founding the senate and says : “Can you guess why I did that?”, the answer provided is “But why?” which doesn’t make any sense here as an answer.

  • In same quest, the next choice when talking to the Queen is “I agree with the queen”, which is a weird way to talk to somone.

  • In the South Vern Neria’s rapport quest “In the Tavern’s Honor”, both the cutscenes’ subtitles do not match the dialogue, also, when talking to Private tutor Celine, the name is misspelled in the choices, where we call her Selen

  • In the South Vern Neria’s rapport quest “Casey’s melody”, where we meet with Neria outside the office, the text does not match the voice. In the same quest the subtitles do not match the dialogue.

  • In South Vern Thar’s Rapport Quest, “Sunrise”, the subtitles do not match the voicelines.

  • In Vykas Gate 3, right as we start, Wei mentions “desires” three times, which is too much.

  • In Vykas Gate 3, during the throne mechanic (where everyone needs to be charmed to survive), the dialogue doesn’t match the “subtitles”.

  • In Nagi’s rapport quest : Just the two of us, there are small inconsistencies. First we meet brewer Evon (i am not sure if we have met her again), but Nagi refers to her in dialogue (written) as Ebon. In addition to that, at one point, the quest objective is " Return to sweet Drugstore", while the name of the place is “Sweet Pharmacy” (in the map)

  • In Lutia’s rapport quest “Life of a firekeeper”, there are two objectives in a row refering to the old llibrarian as a “she”, however, it’s a guy.


  • In the quest at the journey’s end, there is a repetitive message error 140011 when crossing underground. (seems to be fixed)
  • In the integrated management window in the stronghold, we cannot see the full effects if the line is too long.

Thank you for pointing all these out and taking the time to update this! I’ll pass this thread over to the development team for you.

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