Trash game, 2022 and still not working right

played chaos gate, got disconnected and when i locked back to game i was in gate and did not get ANYTHING from it but the game says “claimed”… same thing happened with field boss… trash game


Trash IP you are using or trash pc you are using?

Why are you getting so many disconnects but I’m not? It must be the game. You are perfect, you are smart and perfect, so it must be the game.

it is the game that disconnects me

Buy better internet. The game does not compensate you for your own bad connectivity issues.

How the game did this? Because if the game is disconnects you, you must be not the only one

And they aren’t. Just check the support section for the millions of threads about EAC offline.

tell me you dont know a thing without telling me you dont know a thing. EAC force disconnects you for routing issue from AGS side. there is a traceroute done by someone in the EAC offline megathread. just because you have not faced it doesn’t mean it is not a thing. EAC offline. search this term in the forum. you will understand


Don’t tell me I must search this issue. Tell it the guy that’s opens one more thread about it :rofl:

Can you point to where the bad internet connection touched you?