Trashed post, wrong assumption :)

Edit: apologies to all people, was a bit dizzy and I think the screenshot I took is outdated.

I can dream.

So then we’re opening up our wallets to do argos on launch?


Important thing to note. That’s only about the game launch notes that were edited because we weren’t getting those catchup mechanics right away. Those posts are 3 weeks old, not recent.

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Trolling with a pre launch screenshot LOL

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The people complain about the rates now doesn’t look to the future when they start doing alts. They will cry when they have to go through this several times. Or maybe they just regret spending too much. When you become rich, you don’t want to let others to be rich, such humanity.

Exactly, on my 3rd character otw to t2 and they call me a baddie or carebear b/c I dont wanna spend all my life in dailies.

The irony…

Sorry! will delete the post now.

Sorry! Wasn’t aware! Deleting the post now.

You don’t have to hence the rest gaugue stacking you can literally stagger your own content over the course of a few days, there’s literally nothing forcing you to do every Alt in one day.