Traveling to a country where Lost Ark isn't supported

Hello everyone,

I will be traveling to a country where Lost Ark isn’t supported and going to stay one month there. I would like to play my favorite game during my stay. Any Tipps/suggestions so that I don’t get banned?

Taking a pause for one month isn’t an option :wink:

Hi @Kaiz3n , it’s great have you here around our forums!

Lost Ark is available in North America, Europe, Latin America, and Oceania regions, you can see the full list of countries where Lost Ark is available here: FAQ | Lost Ark - Free to Play MMO Action RPG (Fifth question)

If the country you are traveling to is in that list there is not going to be a problem to launch and play Lost Ark.

One of the issues when your region has been locked is access to the Steam Store Page of Lost Ark. Which is what technically stops you from buying the product and thus having access to it, but this can easily be circumvented without a VPN as well. Once it’s in your product list it can be downloaded without VPN.

I hope you have a wonderful travel! Stay safe

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It’s already in my product list. Thanks for the quick answer