Treasure map quest bug


I was doing my treasure map quest. The one that start in port Krona in Vern. After completing all the steps up to Stern, my treasure map randomly disappeared from my inventory and now i am unable to complete the quest given from “Hacker Silco” where you have to apologize for destroying the robot.
I have no idea on how to get the map back in my inventory so please help.

Thank you!

I got this very same problem. I finally got time around to continue with this quest and suddenly found out that the map is gone. As I remember this map is indestructible: cannot discard, cannot sell, etc.
I also checked my other 2 chars and it’s not there. Last I remember that I stored it in pet storage.

Same problem here, it went missing after giving the suspicious device to the boy.

I found the solution you just spam G next to the robot like crazy and it should work :slight_smile: it worked for me at the very least

Also this quest seems bugged ? idk

Ok soooo it turns out it this quest was intended to work this way ?