Treasure maps bugged

When trying to get the location from serveral looted maps, it buggs out and shows a completely wrong location or a glitched map.

I am getting the same thing as this, did you find a workaround?

Unfortunately no, they are still bugged. Even my minimap buggs some times as well and havent found a fix yet.

Well that sucks. thanks for the update.

Hey there!

I tried everything from reinstalling the game from stratch to reinstall windows/drivers again but finally I found a solution that worked for me.

Previously I was running the game with DirectX 11 and seems that was causing the issue, so after changing to DirectX 9 and restarting the game the issue was fixed!

I noticed a FPS drop after doing this but adding the following lauch options fixed everything

Here are the options in text if you wanna copy them

-notexturestreaming -novsync

Hope this works, have a goodone!