Treasure maps should lead to Hardcore random dungeons in Lost Ark

I think that treasure maps should lead to a more hardcore random dungeon. Blue maps (This is too easy), Purple maps (We need a co op bro), and Gold maps (Ok we are going to war gear up). Since you can make maps in your stronghold this would kill 2 birds with one stone. Player would take a more active role in progressing their strongholds. So they can get those sweet maps and rewards!!! You could just do it like Path of Exile or make them like a maze with different themes and traps. Maybe take world bosses and make them smaller, change their color, and scale their power down to fit the party size. This way people would learn the mechanics: such as stagger checks, wipe mechanics, etc… and you don’t have to make new bosses from scratch. The dungeon should probably take a maximum 10 min. Some players such as myself love to run dungeons over, over, and over again. Chaos dungeon are cool, but they don’t really feel like dungeons. I know that lost ark has the other dungeon but you quickly out level those dungeons. Maybe make those dungeons have a challenger mode which make them very difficulty for weekly rewards.

This would mean they would have to do development work beyond the Korean port. Players have been requesting this since day one because those maps are so pointless. Even the rewards you get from them are practically nonexistent. I get more action from regular monsters out on the field.

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