Tree kicking is broken

The description says “100% chance of receiving special rewards when you kick a tree” I have kicked about 100 trees and not one special reward.

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Same, just hit Lv 30 on logging and kicked several on Azure Wind Island. The normal Maple trees, Lush Maple trees, Mysterious Lush Maple trees(the purple one) and nothing ‘special’ happens or drops. Mainly just the normal common white grade wood that drops off the trees from the kick, a green once.

Idk what this is supposed to be dropping with 100% chance that is ‘special’ but whatever it is it didn’t happen. If that’s supposed to be guaranteed green or blue grade wood … well I got uncommon green wood once and never any rare blue wood. It doesn’t really seem likely that’s what this is intended to do, because I can just hit normally with my legendary axe and just get tons of greens and blues with ease. So I have no clue wth this is for and with a 5 min cd, it’s worthless if it is.

Unless there are specific special trees that have to be used on like the saplings skill is used specifically on saplings, then idk and I can’t find any info on this skill either. I’ll reply again if I figure it out or find out more.

On that note, the moonlighter skill and the mining mini game pop up for ‘special drop rate’ is equally a joke. I can just whack at rocks with a legendary pick axe and get steady greens and blues drop consistently and regularly and in large qty with out the skills.