Tripod bug? conflict of competing tripod bugging even when 1 item is removed

Gunlancer : Xnightrider
NA west

I have leap attack shockwave 3 ( green tripod) on my leggings, I decided i want to try the other tripod , electric field lvl 3 ( also green tripod). I put that one on my chest, It only gives me lvl 1 with it equipped, I have both leggings and chest on so it might be a conflict even though i have manually selected the new electric field tripod. I assume its a conflict and removed the leggings thus removing the shockwave 3 tripod. It still has the same issue, the tripod still gives me lvl 1.

i’ve just tried de-equpping and unlearning the skill, still the same outcome. i’ve removed both from both items, then reinstated and still the same.

Sorry for such a late reply, Xsaviour!

Are you still having this issue?

yes, i also tried having electric field lvl 1 then lvl 2. issue persists.