Tripod drops not random at all

Can you guys console me a little bit?

I haven’t got a single High axel tripod for my DB in over a month since I’ve returned to this new tripod system. Somehow that thing is still on lvl 1. All I see all the time is Upper axel and it’s pretty annoying, if not borderline suspicious.

Also, I remember only 2 lvl 5 tripods in that whole period, and with 10% success rate, naturally I have 0 lvl 5 tripods on my main at the moment.

I’m farming 1475 chaos dungeon

Is this normal? How can it be possible to get 0 drops for one of the tripods and constantly get the competing tripod? It’s not even that valuable/necessary so that it would be made rarer just to get the tripod trading going on.

I’m considering it might actually be a bug?

It is not a bug. Drops in Lost Ark are “weighted”. This means certain useless things drop more often and other things less often. It’s no surprise you get many of some and none of others.
This is a common practice in P2W/Gacha/ RNG focused games.


I see but this tripod isn’t even that much important. And after more than a month of farming, I haven’t seen a single on of those, not lvl 2, not 3, not 4, definitely not 5.

It’s so illogical and it’s starting to frustrate me.

Dark Axel’s “High Axel” is in almost every DB build and despite it not being an “important” skill, that tripod is the most used on the skill. You can just take a look at the skill tripod suggestions from the skill interface in game to see for yourself. In PvE it has nearly 100% usage.

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Naturally, which is why I want to get it xD But I can’t. It’s ridiculous. There’s no other tripod abilities on none of my alts which haven’t dropped at least once or twice, except for this.

I understand your point of view. I’d have suggested buying it from the market but if it’s for an alt character, it certainly isn’t worth the gold tax/pheon cost unless it’s a 1520+ alt that can generate profit despite the expenditure.

The drops are weighted since they know what the build needs.

And “weighted” is a nice and non agressive way to say RIGGED.

Repeat after me: the drops are RIGGED.

See? Truth is good.


That’s just outrageous xD Especially for such less important tripods. Over a month…

I would check your tripod settings because if it’s 1 and you marked it then that’s unnatural. I would make sure you don’t have your settings setup to delete any non 5s/4s like some people did.

As far as level 5s go you only get around 1-2 relic amulets at 1475 per run, so that doesn’t surprise me that you aren’t getting a ton of 5s. You start generating alot more of them starting at 1490 where you can get 4-5 a run.

What do you mean marked? I have it picked, if that’s what you mean. But the only thing important is that I can check which one I have equipped by hovering over the ability, so I can’t miss it, even if I didn’t know by heart which ones I need (but I do - this is my main, not alt)

I understand about the lvl 5 tripods. I’m looking forward to 1490 then :slight_smile:

It just stunned me to realize in over a month, there can exist a tripod which is still lvl 1, on my main, as well. All the others are lvl 4, maybe 1-2 are lvl 3 but those are low-priority.

EDIT: it’s actually a month and 3 weeks exactly - almost 2 months xD

This sounds like a YOU thing.

After a month i’ve seen every single tripod doing chaos daily. Either level 2-5. Every single one. How do I know? I went ahead and got almost all the tripods on my main. Even ones i don’t use.

The fact you’re not sure if you’ve marked it or now could mean that you’ve dismantled a bunch. I don’t believe that in a month of chaos you wouldn’t see atleast a level 2 tripod of each one.

Bro, again, what do you mean by marked? Could you explain it to me?

It could be a me-thing, as in I’m too unlucky xD But if you’re implying I somehow missed it, do you think it’s plausible to conclude I missed only that tripod, and none of the others across 6 characters?

Come on :slight_smile:

so there is a tripod settings section that helps in organizing you get from the amulets.

Also I just realized if you mean HIgh Axel it’s because that tripod only goes to 1. It doesn’t have any higher levels.

OMG. I see now. That explains it all :slight_smile: Thanks bro!

I knew I couldn’t be that unlucky, lol. I’m not the one to post threads regarding rng, but this was impossible more than improbable.

Thanks bro!


Could you explain further pls? How does it help, where to turn it on? I know I don’t make mistakes because I’m a perfectionist, but the way I do it is pretty time-consuming. I would kill to make it easier

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Also just in case a quick Tripod Guide.

You can “mark” tripods that you want to keep by clicking on this button and clicking the tripod symbol underneath the ones you want.

What it does is that when you pick up amulets in a Chaos Dungeon it’ll mark the ones in your inventory with tripods you are looking for.

You can use these settings to make it so that it’ll auto dismantle any Amulet that doesn’t have a tripod you want or one that you have already leveled past the level of the item.

If you already have all level 5s then you can change this setting to only show you level 5 tripods to sell



Oh my God bro. This is great! Thank you so much for making the guide, full with pictures and all :smiley:

I should have known there was something missing in my knowledge, since it gets on my nerves, and I can see noone complaining about what a time-sink it was xD

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Basically whenever I make a new character I set up tripods so that I only keep amulets with tripods I want for raiding and chaos dungeons. Everything else goes into the bin.

I’m convinced a large part as to why there aren’t alot more level 5 tripod amulets on the market for older classes is because people never changed their settings to keep level 5s for marked skills and they just junk everything after taking advantage of the old tripod transfer.

Could be part of the reason, but in my case, main reason would be that the gold I would get isn’t even worth the hassle of putting it no the market + wasting a precious 1/20 slots + knowing it costs pheons to buy it from me…I wouldn’t even buy one, so might as well not sell one x D

For some reason, auto-dismantle settings are all greyed out for me - can’t change them. Can only click Default. Do you happen to know why is that?

EDIT. nevermind, found why - didn’t check the box “Auto-dismantle item whe nacquired”

Still waiting on them to add a Comrade lvl 5 Tripod, cause they totally forgot to

Maybe you already know it but just in case make sure to use the power to double the % rate from 10 to 20%

For the rng part well…: i wish you good luck , in the past we had the chance to transfert all tripod to the max level before the rework patch fortunatly… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Also higher chaos tier will drop them more if that can help, stay strong !