Tripod Issue, not allowed to increase their level

I’m getting a rather strange issue on my Summoner tripods, It’s been happening for as long as I can remember, but It was only affecting one skill, so I basically chuked the issue to a bug and moved on.

Recently I wanted to swap my summoner over to a CO build, and was following a tripod guide, but whenever i try to select a higher level tripod after a certain amount of tripods have already been selected, I get the error message “the maximum number of active skill tree levels is 18”.
Now this only ever seems to happen to my summoner, I can select as many active tripods on my other characters and they don’t get this message.

(I’m able to select the tripod at level 1, but not increase its level)

I haven’t even selected the tripods for three of my skills, and it won’t let me spend anymore points already, I’m sure the issue im having is rather obvious, but i must just be missing it.
Any clue as of why this is happening?

Please note that you can only use tripods above lvl1 when you have this capacity left (you can only use 18 tripods above lvl1).

If you already know that, I’m sorry I couldnt be of help.


Hi there, Nymphal did Christovur help you out?

Thanks for asking this!

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