Tripod that were 100 % saved in inventory missing completely or lower level

Title pretty much.

I quadruple checked my inventory and its components for my Gunslinger and am 100 % sure that i included the Large Magazine Tripod LvL 5 for Target Down , Rapid Fire Level 5 for Bullet Rain and Double Tap Level 5 for Focused Shot.

2 of the 3 are missing a level. While Large Magazine is gone completely.

Is there any way to double check the proper conversion to the new system ? Spend a chunk of gold and pheons to prepare beforehand and followed the steps provided by the game.

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I have the exact same issue,
All my Tripods are still level 4 on my Scrapper.

I aswell would like assistance on this matter.

Yeah there are many of us with this problem. On several characters.

Hello there I’m really sorry for the delay in regards this issue you are all experiencing. I do hope you’re all doing well by the way! Welcome back to the forums @mekyu, glad to have you over here.

For you as well @Astrildia I’m really glad to welcome you to the community, I do apologize for this situtaion you folks experienced, let me know what you’ve attempted as of now, as well if you haven’t try restarting game after a steam file integrity check:

Let me know if the issue persists to look further into this.

I have the same issue and after writting to Scamazon support they just sent me back a link of the update lol

Steps ive taken so far:

  • rogged on different characters to see it’s a visual bug
  • restarted the game
  • verified integrity of game files
  • cleared cache
  • moved folder to a different steam location
  • reinstalled the game completely

I honestly don’t know why we try to shove this onto a technical issue on my hand. The entire forum has an abundance of posts regarding this issue, the area chat is full with it aswell.

Multiple people are experiencing these kind of issues, some even providing the screenshots showing the tripods in their inventory before logging off for the reset and update ( Which should not be necessary btw. You gave us clear instructions on how to handle the upcoming tripod update, us following these instructions is the only thing we should be obligated to do. We can’t be expected to proactively EXPECT technical failure on the side of the game and gather “evidence” )

For some reason there is no statement regarding these issues even when prompted to state at least anything on the side of AGS.

Once again, not trying to punch down on anyone here. People just relay infos they are given. But by now you run around with faulty or missing tripods, not knowing what to do. I don’t want to spend pheons and gold i have already spent AGAIN.

Hey Legumi,

Thank you for your time, i see that Meyku reacted earlier.
I did the same steps as him except reinstalling the game.

I hope you can resolve this issue soon!

Hey @Astrildia and @mekyu I do appreciate your time to post the steps you already attempted and once again, I’m deeply sorry for this situation, You can all head to the link below so our folks over the website can request and gather the proper information from you to improve this situation:

Hope it’s helpful!

support is not helping with the issue :confused:

So the support is asking us to directly try to engage with the forum and it’s moderation, while you ask us to head to the support team to “further gather information”… ?

Im sorry but do you just expect us to get thrown from one side of the team to another like a volleyball without realizing you load off the problem to another sides lawn ?

What am i supposed to do now. Both ends actively sent us away now.

ags in a nutshell: “if you dont admit a problem you have no problem”
i bet @ the end you are fed and can buy / try to transfer again.

Hey @mekyu no, I do not expect anyone of our community to not receive the proper care in any issue our matter related to the game they may have. I understand you feel this way, I’ll take a look into this and will provide an update soon.

Hey folks, in this case I’m pretty sure you should be able to escalate this through the website, let me know your server/region and character username.

Mekyu | Zinnervale (EUC)

Appreciate the response @mekyu hope to be back with news soon!

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Do you have any info on this situation?
Since support is asking us to do it here i am curious for a status.

nothing so far