Tripod update and outcry

Tripod update most likely coming up next week. People be crying they didn’t have enough notice, did you guys not follow the game for the past 2 months or something? It’s your own loss as you knew it’s coming, just be happy you have a week left to prepare when you should have started preparing 2 months ago lmfaoooo

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Rox confirmed tripod update is coming next week.


As someone who already prepared max tripods on all their characters, I never understood the purpose of these kinds of ‘I told you sooo lmfaooo’ troll-ish threads.


They told everyone about on the roadmap that it will here this month. Should have been preparing since the roadmap told you so XD
I am baffled by people havent been preparing since then.

All the roadmap said was that there was a change coming and no other specifics was provided.

Not everyone watches streamers to gain information on the upcoming changes, heck, not everyone even reads the announcements (hint hint, Feiton and Punika powerpass scenario) so the very bare minimum that they could have done to ensure all of their customers are prepared for a game changing system is provide that information in game in someway.

It really is just basic customer service.


Do you know that at least 50% (bots not counted) of the Playerbase are people who have 1 or 2 char’s max? They probably don’t watch youtube guides or maxroll or whatever. They see the newspage “tripod updates will come with november patch” but they don’t know shit how that affects them because its nowhere to be found on the playlostark newspage. They don’t neet to prep for 6 char’s with 18 tripods, no. They need information how to save their currently equipped 6 Items with 2-3 tripods on each item, nothing more. But AGS is not even capable to do this

Its a free game and people should know to do research before hand. ESPECIALLY after the “Feiton and Punika powerpass scenario”
If you dont want to as a player then you only have yourself to blame. I get wanting them to go above and beyond but being purposely clueless is another thing.

I understand where you are coming from, I truly do. However, it does not change the fact that you still do have players, customers, that do not read those announcements. It takes very little to have a banner in game announcing said change and directing those players to a resource to better prepare.

I don’t understand why people are so against the idea of a company doing all they can to ensure all of their customers are informed of an upcoming change. Yes, if people still ignore the in game announcements, then they are completely at fault for not paying attention, but sheesh. Something this important should be something they put the extra effort into to try and ensure everyone is informed.


it so you actually SAVE those tripods so you dont have to do them again :joy:

you don’t understand if you they don’t tell people in game and in email and in ads and in radio people will come here saying “we didn’t know that tripods will be gone from our gear and we have to move them into our library”

There are always those who complain. There is nothing you can do about that.

I also prepared all my tripods, but, you can still follow the game, come to forums regularly like 2-3 times per week and play everyday but, if you don’t watch any streamer or YouTube, because simply you don’t like it, those ppl will miss out their tripods, because AGS is not announcing what’s going on with the tripods, the will do it the night before as always. We know what’s going on with the tripods because KR streamers told us, but we don’t know it for AGS and that’s a mistake, we should know it from AGS too because even if someone follow the western version regularly that doesn’t mean he watch streamers

you don’t even need to do that 1 per month is enough to know about the tripod and get ready for it but yet again you will have those people who will say “i don’t read forums or patch notes i didn’t know about tripod update” it’s just some people truely don’t care about the game and complain when the game get’s updated or new stuff like “why didn’t you tell me about these stuff? why no one ran the patch notes to me so i can approve it” it’s sad

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Imagine having a car and you have a recall regarding an Airbag issue or whatever. Do you expect the customer to look at magazines/youtube/twitter to notice you have a airbag fault that needs to be replaced instead of the manufacturer sending a letter to you?
Yeah tripods won’t kill you but loosing your tripods because you did not know how to save them because you had not to do this is a huge huge loss.

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I’m agree with you that there will be ppl crying for no reason, but you got me wrong I think, my point is: AGS didn’t explain us how is the tripod system affecting the game, streamers did it, AGS relayed on streamers to explain us what to do and how to prepare, and that should be AGS work, that’s my point

you are totally right on that actually now that i think about it

I guess one day before patch day :smiley:

when you see some of the issues that has been ingame since release you can confirmed ASG employees that work with LOA barly play the game (maybe a few of them), they are proberly as clueless as us. They proberly also learning through yt how it works :smiley:

The tripods are all jacking in price now, ones usually around 500 gold are now x10 now. Managed to pick some on the cheap before maintenance.

Good luck on getting the ones you want

Region???cause I saved all the lvl 4 I’ve got just for this moment to sell them