Tripod update/rework?

Ok, so every region besides the west got any info about the tripods change and when it will happen. So when will we get the announcement? I think it’s been what 1 almost 2 months since Korea got it? Any clarification please or are we asking for too much lol.

we get told when SG decides its time for us to get it and notifies the AGS team , thats when the clarification will happen

We understand the excitement for new content but unfortunately we don’t have any updates at this time.

When we do you can be sure that we will be announcing it to everyone, so hang tight and stay tuned!

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this not content this is qol stuff

to respond op that’s gonna come in october roadmap like russia


So maybe make it a priority this is a huge QoL thing we need and should be at the top of the list while I understand everyone wants new content be it legion raids or be it classes or events.
QoL should always be the first to come.
In the past we got the previous balance patch quite fast after KR got it.
Why is this one taking so long, I understand You as in AGS do not have the info now as you are saying but maybe SGS does I am sure you guys are talking, we would appreciate if you could brings this up more and overall more communication.

Thank you.



This is a QoL that many have been waiting for. Possibly one of the biggest QoL to date. I don’t think saving it to market it as “content” in the next months is a good look.


is not content, is class change, no one is going back to play qol content lmao we just want them to change the build now not in akkan thanks. Also why amazon doesn’t even know what are they doing in october when RU and JP released their roadmap already with balance+tripod for october xd

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you guys never have any updates because you simply don’t understand what is going on with the game.

It’s weird how russia and korea can release a solid road map and keep their fanbase informed on what changes are happening and how they will affect us but here in the us the experience on na east is so bad I can’t even get into a vykass lobby because I don’t have 4x3 and title(I’ve ran two vykass matches in almost 5 weeks how am I supposed to progress?!?!?!?)

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what does you being gatekept have to do with your first issue - as if ags/sg is responsible for people not letting newbies in, lol.


truuuuuueeeeeeee I had it in my mind last night to combine my post with the comment I was going to make here but I fucked it up big time lmao I don’t even remember what I was going to originally say so this is my L

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They keep it back for dry times without content, then they release it with a big celebration.

just an up