Tripods and Trixion changes

I know there are a lot of loud voices about character releases, honing buffs passes, pheon etc… I fully understand that not everything can just be copied over from KR and call it a day. I really appreciate the changes that were implemented ( like class and UI changes) and brought over/synced with KR changes.

I was hoping if you guys get on Tripods changes as well and make it the same as KR I feel like that would not be too complicated and would make a huge impact on people playing the game, people pushing ults to 1415, or even having a better quality of playing T3.

For extra credit, you could also include Trixion changes cause why not :slight_smile: that seems pretty isolated and will not conflict with any business or monetary plans you guys might have.

If we can get at least a date on this, that would be amazing. Maybe one-day @Roxx sees this.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile: Keep up the great work.


@Roxx Any ETA on Trixion changes? I was hopping it will be available with Arcana.
The tripod system is not out in KR so that will take longer, but Trixion is a similar system as the Hell mode, so it will be fairly easy to set up.


Looks like when we are not mean and trying to yell and criticize everything that doesn’t fit their profile… we have to ask for refunds and tell that we are quitting the game in order to get any reply… constructive and positive messages are not welcomed… @Roxx that’s a shame

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