Tripods update coming when


Can we get some info on when we’re going to get the tripods update. Right now I feel stuck on my tripods because I don’t want to gamble if we’re getting the update soon but at the same time I can’t upgrade them anymore.

Not the exact date but are there plans to release it in the next 1 or 2 weeks or next 2 or 3 months.

pls before or with clown.

Just take it easy and dont sweat it, when it happens it happens

Most of the QoL updates that was released with the tripods update in KR are coming to us in the September Part 1 Update (not sure when in september but it should be in the first 2 weeks), they didn’t mentioned it on the Roadmap but like i said most of the updates released at the same time are coming it in September Part 1, so maybe it will come together.

I personally wanted this month, my Bard Storage is almost full with lv.3 legendary tripods and relic tripods.

You are assuming alot.

Am i wrong in assuming it? didn’t the last QoL update was released all together? didn’t you readed the part “so maybe it will come together”, before i said this part was only to say my reason that i think it would come together.

i’m not assuming when most of the QoL updates will come to us because it’s on the roadmap, they didn’t mentioned the tripods changes there but they also said that it would have more information in the september part 1 patch notes with a full list of improvements/changes, more reason that it still could be part of it.

They havent said when its coming out it could be after clown for all we know .

i just hope we have several weeks headsup on when the tripod changes is coming

Why, you have your headsup already that its coming. Prepare now.

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Roxx said they are not part of the Aug 24 update.

You have your headsup already iam just focosing on other things because the moment kakul comes out legendary books will spike even more . After i get legendary class i will go for lvl 4 tripods and then +21 weapon

thats the problem with them, we always have to wait the last seconde to finally know things. My arcanist is 1420, I don’t want to invest too much time in learning this class because a lot of changes are planned. But when ? Idk, we dont know shit with smilegate/amazon since day 1 , always waiting ages, we cant plan the way we are playin for futur cause they dont communicate.

And even when they do, they change their mind and modify big things like “1 class every 2 months” TROLOLOLOL , pathetic

yh i also have alot of other stuff i also wanna focus on getting atm, just wanna know when its coming in advance so i can plan my time after it better.

There hasn’t been a single time where they annoucned stuff early, everytime it’s last second. You literally can’t plan anything ahead in this game. And there were instances when they were wrong like the 1460 Stronghold honing research and stuff completely removed like Yoz’s Jar.

Yoz jar is legendary skins ? Good riddance

You’re going there with your weapon honing post 20, and quality polish and cutting better stones. Honestly, it’s the most cost effiecient out of all systems. In a few months, you will realize that.

Just make it so its a 1-5 % drop from legion raids class locked and lets you pick your piece dont lock it behind an rng loot box ssystem that whales can abuse with money. There is already things like you mentioned above dont need any more system to benefit whales.

That is the thing we don’t know, we can only assume, so i did assume and give reason that are very valid to why i think it may come in September Part 1 unless said otherwise with good reasons, in your case you just said it could be after clown without saying anything more, that could also happens but like what reason would such QoL be pushed to after clown? Letting players know officially that such thing is coming and allowing them to prepare? well that would be nice but i don’t really expect this to happen, maybe in this month update they could say that is coming in the next one giving time to prepare officially.