Triport Popups for fast travel are missing since patch!

Talking about this one.

it works for the triport you are currently at with your character. not for any triport you want to travel to away from you.

This didn’t use to be like that…
please fix it asap, it is really annoying when doing daily unas on many characters every day…
@ShieldMaiden / @Roxx

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Bump please look into this.

This is so annoying. They fixed it by switching to the zone when you click on it and higlighting the triport but it doesn’t trigger the popup when you click on it again.

I swear this patch created more bugs than actual improvements for the game, so frustrating.

Like we get the new option to open shard bags etc, but instead of 30 or all at once you can now only open 10 at a time???

What is this bs? Korea complained about that stuff and it got quickly patched, now we get the same stupid process instead of implementing the proper QoL right away???

??? Why is it when we get QoL that we first move 2 steps backwards instead of 1 step forward???

I want this issue to be adressed and highlighted in the news post about current ongoing issues please.

Hey there! Thanks for your report. I will get this over to the Dev team to review. :slight_smile:

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What would we do without you :pray:

any news on this? weekly update doesn’t fix this either?

this is not QoL , this is gameplay hindrance